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What Are EMDR Therapy Retreats For and The Impact It Can Leave on Your Mind?


The EMDR Therapy Retreats is designed for those looking for a way to heal from trauma in a secluded, natural setting. Many benefits may come with the retreat, such as improved sleep and more time for oneself. We at Insight and Connection offer our clients the opportunity to go on retreats within our retreat house.

The EMDR Therapy Retreats may include yoga, meditation, art therapy, and bodywork. Our host of professionals specializes in helping you deal with your trauma from the depths of your soul by providing a wide variety of services to curb or resolve any emotional or psychological trauma that may be present in a person’s life. Taking time for yourself is very important for both physical and mental well-being.

Benefits EMDR Therapy Retreats Can Provide You

  1. Time to Heal

If you’ve ever dealt with EMDR Therapy Retreats, you know that they can provide you with some of the best skills that come along with practical and targeted healing. There are many benefits of being in a secluded environment, such as time to be alone, time to be present, time to focus on yourself, etc.

  1. Better Mental Health

In a place like this that focuses on using the mind and body for healing – one will start to notice daily improvements. You will be surrounded by positive and encouraging people who can help you improve your mental health.

  1. Opportunities to Meditate and Be Mindful

You will be able to meditate more within these retreats. Being a part of these retreats is about improving your mind, body, and soul in a natural setting. Our EMDR Therapy Retreats staff will teach you how to be mindful through meditation and other activities that help you deal with your problems effectively.

  1. Time To Be Alone

That is what people who don’t attend EMDR Therapy Retreats often forget – and it’s one of the best parts! The ability to be alone in a beautiful retreat while being able to focus 100% on yourself is something that can never be replaced. There are no phones, emails, text messages, or anything of that sort that can distract you from your healing. 

  1. Time To Be Present

When in a place like this that shoots you straight into the present – it will help you out with being in the moment and mindful of your surroundings. It is a great way to improve your focus and attention skills, which are essential to deal with stress and trauma successfully.


EMDR Therapy Retreats offered by Insight & Connection can help those who feel stressed with their daily lives, those who are dealing with past trauma, and those who don’t have many opportunities to take care of themselves. If you’re interested in taking an EMDR Retreat – ask for more information today at tel:1-630-201-2856!

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