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Web3 : Future Of Internet After Web2

IT professionals from best web3 development company  frequently exaggerate predictions about the end of the Web 2.0 era and the arrival of Web 3.0, the Internet generation that would simplify data processing through the application of contemporary technology.

Web 3.0 is no longer just a trendy term; it is quickly becoming a reality. Good Word News claims that the value of the global Web 3.0 (i.e., cryptocurrency) industry has surpassed $3 trillion. Web 3.0 developer positions are highly sought-after and well-paid; according to Glassdoor, US Web 3.0 developers earn an annual salary of $118,546.

Regarding what it is and how it functions, there is still some uncertainty. Keep reading if you have similar worries. This article will define web3 development, describe how it differs from web2, and describe how to hire industry experts.

How Web3 got here.

Web3 is a concept for a brand-new internet that build around blockchain technology. In addition to incorporate other ideas like decentralization, smart contracts, play-to-earn, tokens, decentralized applications, etc. The co-founder of Ethereum, Gavin Wood, came up with the name in 2014. Not discussing how we got here in the first place would be illogical. So let’s travel briefly through time.

In order to safeguard the exchange of information between military installations, the US military launched ARPnet (Advanced Research Project) in 1969. ARPnet was a network of geographically disperse computers that could communicate via a technology known as NCP (Network Control Protocol). UCLA, Stanford Research Institute, University of California, Santa Barbara, and the University of Utah were the five main connected computers.

TCP/IP (Transfer Control Protocol and Internet Protocol), Email, telnet, and LAN (Local Area Network) were created as a result of these first five major connections. However, in 1986, something extraordinary happens that gave rise to web1. One of the LAN networks later evolved into the NSFnet network (National Science Foundation Network). First to connect the five national supercomputers was NSFnet. With every major university being force to switch from ARPnet to NSFnet as a result of this recent development, ARPnet was finally shut down entirely in 1990.

web3 development company
How Web3 got here.

The majority of websites had static web pages, and the majority of users were essentially consumers, according to Web1, which was periodically dated between 1991 and 2004.

What qualities does Web3 have?

  1. Omnipresence – We now use a variety of communication channels and devices, not just cellphones and laptop computers, and we always have access to the Internet.
  2. Openness – The accessible IT professional community develops Web3 using open-source digital tools that are accessible to everyone.
  3. Reliability – Web 3.0 has made it possible for any user to operate on the Internet incognito and publicly without the aid of middlemen who might give them shady information.
  4. Accessibility – Anyone can perform a range of data operations using Web 3.0.

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How Web3 resolves problems with Web2

Millions of people today use the 2.0 Web Internet generation, which is a significant advancement.

Several of its incredible benefits assist both businesses and common people in improving their services and goods, exchanging crucial information, and other things. Web2 still has some issues, though, which could make them challenging to resolve. Let’s talk about these problems and how Web3 might be able to resolve them. Various web3 development company continuously working on blockchain and web3 due to which they have good knowledge about this field. 

Authorship and ownership

The WWW can use by content creators to find their audience, establish a name for themselves, and make money. It should be noted every Internet resource is the property of a specific company or person, the content’s author is not always the resource’s owner. They can sell the users’ private information to advertisers and other third parties because they have access to it.

Web 3 development will not support centralized platform activity. On the basis of decentralization principles, users will be given the ability to maintain secrecy. Keep their personal data, and create more secure digital resources. Customers would also be able to monetize the results of their efforts as data owners, eliminating the need for intermediaries to make extra money. And people who want to develop web3 choose web3 development company.

A threat from hacking

web3 development company
A threat from hacking

Forbes predicts that by 2020, spending on internet security will total $123 billion. According to CyberSecurityVentures, $10,5 billion will spend on cybersecurity in the future. It makes sense because hackers can control the services by receiving all the data they need thanks to the services’ centralization.

Discouragement and data monopoly

In the Web 2.0 world, hosting companies have complete control over almost all web resources and the power to censor access to the least reliable ones.

Web3’s Blockchain foundation will give users access to a space free from all forms of censorship and control. Regardless of their nationality, gender, level of income, or place of residence. They will be able to take part in the development of new resources and the decision-making process for all data operations.

worries regarding ubiquity

The emergence of mobile devices played a critical role in the growth of the Internet and the acceleration of its speed. Subsequently, we can now receive and distribute information from specific data collection and exchange devices like laptops, mobile phones, and tablet PCs.

These are some elements your projects need to have:

  • an entrance
  • Intelligent contract
  • code for solidity
  • code descriptions
  • Setup of a local test network
  • Integrating continuously, etc.
a few web3 terms to understand

A measurement of the return on an investment over and above the return offered by the market or other benchmark; valuable or insider information, typically relating to the value of digital assets like cryptocurrencies and NFTs.

Alts or Altcoin

Altcoin is a term that was once use to describe any cryptocurrency that wasn’t Bitcoin but is now use to describe any brand-new cryptocurrency with a modest market cap.


someone who makes large cryptocurrency investments, or the act of doing so.

Block Navigator

a tool for browsing blockchain data, including transactions, wallet addresses, market capitalizations, and hash rates.


a protocol that enables communication between different blockchains, allowing the exchange of data, tokens, and other types of information.


HODL is frequently intentionally misspelled as “build,” as is common in the crypto community.

CEX (Centralized Exchange)

a cryptocurrency exchange run by a single organization or company.

CeFi (Centralized Finance)

centralized companies that use cryptocurrency.


a cryptocurrency created on its own native blockchain that can be used in that ecosystem as a store of value and a means of exchange.

cold Wallet

an offline cryptocurrency storage device. Cold wallets can be physical objects or just pieces of paper with a user’s private keys on them. Moreover, cold wallets are typically a safer way to store cryptocurrencies because they are not connects to the internet.

Why Web 3?

Let me start by saying that the large tech companies in charge of managing the content on the internet have done an excellent job of taking advantage of us for years, exercising unrestricted control over our rights online and, most importantly, violating our privacy with little to no intervention from the government. Our online activities are extremely valuable in terms of data, time, content, and overall usage. This discovers by the big tech companies, which led to the creation of the billion-dollar US advertising sector. However, the original creators of these contents—people like me and you who use these internet services—get little to nothing.

By combining blockchain, smart contracts, and native tokens used for blockchain governance. Web3 aims to put an end to all of these. This implies that every internet user can easily monetize their online activities. Furthermore, get pay for what they’re worth, that privacy would be a top priority since blockchains use cryptography to secure data, and much more. The better times are now because your talent, skill, or craft can now given truly value according to what you determine it to be worth. If you also want to enter web3 market or want to develop one consider best web3 development company. Gaming industry is also changing by web3 even some people invest in web3 game development company concepts or games.

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