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Ways to style your gold jewellery

The glitz and elegance of gold jewellery cannot be matched by any other kind. Irrespective of
your outfit, gold can add a touch of class and the luxury points automatically go up. Gold
jewellery is timeless and can never go out of fashion. However, if you believe in layering you
need to be careful with gold jewellery as there is a fine line between over the top and just right.
Here are a few ways you can ensure styling your gold jewellery is easier and you don’t end up
looking like a walking gold mine!

Choose a focal point

We all love all of our fine gold jewellery. However, you possibly cannot wear all of it together.
The best way to design your look is to start with a focal point of jewellery. The focal point is
something you wish to showcase and not something that is too blingy or too chunky. The rest of
your jewellery should complement the focal point. This stops you from being confused about
what to wear and creates a chaotic style statement too.
If you are looking to show off your necklace, then go for subtle earrings and vice versa. If you
want people to notice a clothing item, then build around that with subtle pointers or

Mixing metals is in

Wearing various tones of metals or even different metals together used to be considered a
fashion faux pas. That is no longer the case, and it is the most vibrant way to design your look.
Gold is expensive and since it is a sizeable investment, it is essential that you have the freedom
to use it as and when you deem it appropriate. The mix of rose gold and gold in earrings,
necklaces, bracelets, bangles, nose pins, and other jewellery pieces can elevate your look. You
can invest in amazing rings for party wear in Melorra and pair them with gorgeous earrings. This
little trick opens up more combinations you can wear and allows you to explore the possibilities

Layering of gold jewellery

Although layering is a great way to show off your jewellery collection at once, this opportunity
should not be treated as such. Layering looks good when done tastefully. The first rule while
layering gold is to not let items overlap. This includes rings, bangles, necklaces, and any other
piece of jewellery. The second rule is that you need to have a focal point even when you are
layering items. This ensures you can build around it instead of randomly throwing stuff
together. Go by the theme of the focal point to avoid a messy look. Another good rule to
remember would be to not layer on outfits that are already dazzling. The heavier outfits tend to
overshadow your jewellery and it gets lost in the shine of your clothes.

Make your own style statement

While there are some rules that you can follow to keep your style fresh and popping, don’t
forget to experiment with your jewellery. The more combinations you unlock, the more
opportunities you create for yourself to wear your investment. If you take a look kind of variety
available in market with respect to gold jewellery, you will know that there is a lot of room for
The concept of styling your gold jewellery well is essential as you need to make the best use of
your investment and look good doing it. A lot of the gold pieces we own are worn every day and
get lost in repetitive combinations. Use these simple tips to keep your style fresh and looking
good no matter the occasion!

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