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How To Manage IP Address On Your VPS UK Hosting

When you want a much more advanced option than your current shared server, the logical step for anyone would be VPS hosting services. It offers great benefits and features that can scale your performance levels tremendously. 

When you establish your website on VPS hosting in the UK, you will get to attain more safety and more heightened performance. 

However, as a website owner, there are several technical considerations you need to be aware of that are required to function properly. For instance, your IP addresses need to be examined with great attention if you want the best result from your web hosting solution. 

In this post, we will focus on providing some great insights that are essential for you to understand the functions of IP addresses on VPS UK Hosting.

What is an IP Address?


Every active website on the internet has an identification component, which is typically known as an internet protocol address. This identification can be viewed as a set of digits or numbers assigned to each user. 

Even though each IP address is distinct and bears no similarity to another. Also, it can be categorized into two different types. These two types of IP address such as internal IP and external IP, both have different uses and functions for your device. 

For instance, your internal IP address is a set of numbers provided based on your local network for your devices. Typically, your home devices connected to a network are coved under internal IP addresses.

On the other hand, when you receive internet service from an outside source, such as your internet service provider, that sort of arrangement falls under external IP addresses. Commonly, there are two types of external IP addresses, IPV4 and IPV6.

Both IP addresses are utilized for web hosting services, most notably for VPS hosting in the UK. When your IP address has 4 sets of integers. It suggests you are using IPV4, and when you have 6 sets of integers, it indicates you have IPV6 on your website.

Essentially your VPS UK hosting account contains an IP address assigned to you by your service provider. Therefore it needs suitable management from time to time as it plays a larger role in your website performance and efficiency.

How to Find the IP Address of your website

When you acquire a web server, your network provider assigns you an IP address. Hence there is no need for you to look for ways to find your IP address, as it was provided when you set up your web hosting plan. 

Usually, this information is sent via email and perhaps you have lost this detail after getting the services, you can ask the service provider for ways how to retrieve it.

With your assigned IP address, you can easily access your hosting account, having said that when you don’t have credentials for your hosting account or have somehow forgotten your password. We believe it’s best to contact the support team immediately.

When you receive details regarding your web hosting plans, an IP address is mentioned there to notify you that if you want to manage and take command of the control panel, your IP address will be needed to accomplish this task.

In some cases, the entire essential configuration regarding web hosting is done for you by your service provider. Therefore, in those circumstances, you could sign in to your CPanel account and select the option named “list accounts”, there you can easily locate your IP address as well.

How to Change the IP Address of your website with VPS UK?

vps uk

When you want to understand the process of changing the IP address of your website. We advise you must realize that your domain name and hosting service are connected with DNS services. 

In cases, when you move your website from one service provider to another. You need to point your domain name toward the new IP address that will be offered by your new service provider.

To change the IP address, you need command over the DNS editor, only then you could be able to finish this complete task without any challenges. You need to go to the section for Editing the DNS records you have previously set so that you can modify the IP address to a new one. 

For example, your current IP address such as “123.456.789.123” now can be edited with “111.222.333.444” when you alter the details in your DNS records.

At this point, we would like to remind you that this function is highly specialized and not often used. Some special cases will push to make this choice, such as blacklisted IP addresses or getting repeatedly attacked online.

In the majority of situations, if web hosting services are for VPS UK, users typically use the same IP address for a longer period, unless you are thinking about switching your current host.

How to Manage IP address on your VPS Hosting in UK

When you utilize VPS hosting for your website, you will be provided with a dedicated IP address, exclusive to you only. And therefore, you are the sole user, managing it becomes quite easy and uncomplicated for anyone. 

To properly manage your IP address, you can select the “Account menu Option” on your CPanel navigation bar.

When you click on that option, all the needed information will be presented to you that is related to your private VPS UK hosting account. So, information for your IP address, domain name, and other features will be easily viewed when you do this activity.

We must also note that, even though you could view this information via this approach. The only changes you can make are associated with your IP address and domain name. 

We record you must select a reliable service provider to gain easy-to-follow and seamless functioning of all these essential elements for your VPS in the UK.


Anyone with minimal technical skill can manage a VPS UK hosting account set up with ease and comfort. 

However, we must inform you that in most cases, the configuration of a server or some detailed instructions can be tough to follow.  

That is why most business owners who necessarily don’t have the time to manage a VPS account themselves, use the services of a managed VPS service option. 

In this solution, all your server-related duties will be handled with great care by your service provider.

This post aimed to discuss essential elements of your IP address. Moreover, how you can change or manage them for better results. 

When you get VPS in UK, you will be assigned a dedicated IP address that is totally secure and efficient for your website.

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