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Voicemail Service: 7 Reasons Why It’s Not The Right Time To Give Up This Feature

Today, businesses are focusing on establishing an omnichannel approach for business communications. While business phone systems integrate new channels like social media, live chat, etc., voicemail is a traditional communication channel that must not be neglected. What happens when all your agents are busy? Long queues or waiting times. And these can lead to a negative customer experience. Voicemail service is the solution that can prevent customer frustration.

Phone systems for businesses must have a voicemail service to keep track of all the unattended calls and get back to the customers when agents are available. In this blog, we will delve into the discussion on why voicemail service is still a relevant feature in the business phone system. But before that, let’s understand the basics of voicemail service.

What is a voicemail service?

Business phone systems usually offer voicemail service to enable a business to attend calls even when the agents are unavailable to take the call. This feature receives calls and takes audio messages from the caller to prevent call drop-offs. The audio message is saved in the digital mailbox and can be accessed by the agents later. 

Features of voicemail service that adds value to your business

Voicemail service enables businesses to enjoy multiple benefits by leveraging its essential features.

  • Customized greeting: Businesses can greet callers with short, personalized messages. The greetings can be edited and modified easily.
  • Automated call recording: Agents can listen to unfiltered messages of the caller and relisten them whenever required. The call recordings are stored and can be used for training or quality purposes.
  • Urgent message retrieval: The business phone system has voicemail services that prioritize calls. Therefore, if any urgent message lands on your voicemail box, the agents are notified. They can retrieve the call and resolve the issue immediately.
  • Access from anywhere: With the business phone system VoIP software, employees can gain access to voicemail from any device of their choice. This enhances the mobility and flexibility of employees to attend voicemail messages.

7 Reasons why voicemail service is still relevant in the business phone system

Voicemail service is an integral part of a business phone system that helps in driving operational efficiency. When agents are unavailable, or calls come during out-of-office hours, voicemail service prevents call drop-offs. Let’s look into some of the reasons why voicemail service is important for phone systems for small business, mid-size businesses, and even large enterprises.

1. Ensures greater accessibility and convenience

Business phone system VoIP software has eliminated the restriction of location for employees to access voicemail service. This enables agents to retrieve audio messages stored in digital form through voicemail service from anywhere. Moreover, customers enjoy enhanced accessibility and convenience to reach out to the business anytime.

2. Provides time for preparing a response

The quality of support and service you provide to your customers matters. Although your agents may not have to provide on-the-spot resolution, voicemail service gives them the time to think and research the problem. Voicemail service offers some time for agents to prepare a well-researched response to the customer, improving the service quality. 

3. Helps to manage high volumes of calls

Most business phone systems experience seasonal spikes in call volume. When the call volume increases, it can put unnecessary stress on your agents and also impact the overall customer experience. Voicemail service enables businesses to screen all the calls and direct only high-priority calls to the agents. The agents handle the crucial calls in real-time while the other calls are saved through voicemail service. Those saved calls can be retrieved and resolved later.

4. Improves feedback collection

Feedback collection is essential to identify the expectations of customers and realize necessary changes to improve the product or service. 77% of customers prefer brands that collect feedback. Voicemail service encourages customers to share their feedback on the experience they had while communicating with a business. Though feedback can be collected on live calls or through text messages, customers can be easily deviated or miss out on details. In the case of voicemail service, customers are not disturbed when they speak. Therefore, customers enjoy providing feedback through voicemail service.

5. Eliminates waiting time

60% of customers may feel frustrated and hang up when a business keeps them on hold for more than 1 minute. Voicemail service comes into action when your customers hate to wait. It cuts down the hold time and records their audio messages which further leads to improving their overall customer service experiences 

6. Saves costs

Investing in a voicemail service enables you to serve more customers without compromising service quality. A business can save costs on hiring more agents as the voicemail service helps serve customers, especially during out-of-office hours. It also enables the business to save on overtime pay for customer support agents.

7. Enhances customer retention

Customers can use the voicemail service to express their concerns, queries, or complaints without any interruption. Although no agents are available to address their concerns at that moment, customers feel appreciated to realize that they are being heard. Therefore, it leads to greater customer satisfaction that can be realized through better customer retention rates.

Drive business efficiency with voicemail service

Voicemail service plays a significant role in your business phone system so that you don’t lose customers for unavailability. Even though there are numerous communication channels, voicemail service isn’t the obsolete channel that your business must give up. Boost customer satisfaction with voicemail service by offering your customers 24*7 accessibility. HoduSoft is one of the renowned names in the global Unified Communications market. Its advanced product suite has helped businesses deliver stellar customer service experiences. HoduSoft products offer the best phone system for small businesses, mid-size businesses, and large organizations. Learn more about HoduSoft products from its website.

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