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Virtual keyboards automatically put spaces in the typed text! Why?

The introduction of virtual keyboards has fundamentally altered the manner in which we interact with our smartphones. Because I was so fond of the physical keyboard on my BlackBerry, I even dared to hope that it wouldn’t be like that. But as time passed, it became clear that the real thing was typing on a touch screen, and time once again proved to be the ruler of reason.

It took some time, but virtual keyboards have progressed, grown widespread, and are now considered the standard for anybody who wishes to text on a mobile device, particularly a smartphone. The question, “why does a space always appear after entering anything on this sort of keyboard, without even having to touch the spacebar?” is one that very few people have ever questioned themselves.

This article will provide some answers to your questions.

In this world, my friends, time is equivalent to money. And companies who make smartphones want you to spend less time typing when you’re using apps like WhatsApp or Instagram Direct Messages.

Therefore, there is only one logical explanation for why a space is automatically added to the messages that you enter on your smartphone every day: to save you time in the process.

This is an option that is activated by default on the great majority of virtual keyboards, and it has nothing to do with any type of software error or malfunction that could occur on the device. The user of the smartphone will have assistance producing messages thanks to the function that is immediately engaged for them.

Because of this, you will need fewer taps on the screen to write whole phrases and messages, which will, in the end, result in time savings when it comes to the process of writing texts and even less tiredness while using the device.

This behavior can be seen on almost all of the main virtual keyboards available for Android and iOS, including the default keyboards found on numerous platforms like Gboard and Swiftkey. You don’t have to let this setting upset you or annoy you in any way since you have the option to alter it whenever you choose.

How to disable auto space on the virtual keyboard

The bad news is that standard keyboards for Android and iOS do not enable you to adjust this default option for auto-spacing on the virtual keyboard. The most that you are able to do is to ignore the words that are recommended by the program and manually determine whether or not there should be a space between each line of text.

You won’t, thankfully, have to deal with software that acts in a manner that is inconsistent with what you want it to accomplish. When using the Gboard virtual keyboard that comes preinstalled on Android devices, there is a method to turn off all of the recommendations that are made by the program while you are composing messages.

Do the following:

  1. Enter an application that needs the virtual keyboard to work.
  2. Tap on the Settings icon.
  3. Enter the Spell and grammar checker item.
  4. Uncheck Next Word Suggestions.

That way, when you tap on the word suggested by the software, you are just suggesting the use of that term, but not proceeding to the suggestion of the next word for writing the text. When you write the content in this manner, there won’t be any extra spaces created automatically for you.

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Ahsan Khan
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