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View Instagram Stories anonymously with imginn.

Saving Instagram stories highlights, images, and videos is made simple by a new service called Imginn. so that you may continue to use the hard drive of your computer or phone and your own folder-based organisation strategy to maintain your own organisation. Easily and swiftly save Instagram stories, videos, images, and highlights by following these steps.

Instagram offers you a range of sharing choices for your photos and videos, whether you want to share them with a small group of people or the entire world. The platform might not always offer you all the tools you need to keep the level of organisation for those photos and videos that you desire, though.

What is Imginn?

On the website Imginn, you may keep your Instagram stories without charge. It allows you to download Instagram videos and images, unlike other tools. Imminn allows you to see stories whenever you choose, so don’t worry if you forget to download a story before it disappears. The website also gives non-Instagram users the option to watch stories on their desktop or mobile device and save them for later without creating an account on either social networking site.

If you have multiple Instagram accounts, Imginn’s liked feature will link to each of them and making it easy for you to access all of your stories. It doesn’t matter who downloads them as long as you have that person’s active email address; you don’t need to set up an account for yourself. Anyone can utilise their user-friendly service thanks to this unique feature, even if they don’t have an Instagram account.

Create Account

Before using the service, you are required to create a user account on imginn. After completing the brief registration process, you will gain immediate access to download Instagram stories highlights.

You don’t need to have any special knowledge or abilities to create an account. Please provide an email address to start. This email address need not be your business email address.

To keep your personality a secret, create a phrase with at least eight characters, one capital letter, one lowercase letter, and one image of the number 1. Additionally, the secret key must include at least one integer.

When you’re finished, you should verify your account by providing a cell phone number and identifying yourself in a way that other users who want to download stuff from your page may easily understand.

How does Imginn work?

You can explore a range of stories from a number of social media sites, such as Facebook, Snapchat, and—most significantly—Instagram, on this platform. 

You can bookmark any image or video that strikes your eye while browsing our website. 

It makes no difference if it comes from a celebrity you follow or from pals who are just sharing their life with everyone. 

For your viewing convenience, everything is in one place. 

We provide high-resolution, full-screen images as well as compressed video snippets.

Customizing hashtags

People who want to use a distinctive hashtag to share their links must also consider what can happen if they transfer platforms. Links are directly related to your Twitter account, whereas hashtags are made by users and aren’t always permanent parts of your online identity.

Even worse, some platforms don’t allow users to switch hashtags between them easily. As a result, some users may begin using an existing hashtag while also making references to others, which will stop people from further utilising that hashtag. Instead of creating a brand-new hashtag to be used on numerous platforms, think about creating a distinctive phrase. Even after a platform transition, having distinctive branding can help sustain durability.


Imginn is a necessity for anyone who uses Instagram as a marketing tool. By having access to real-time client data, you can tailor each campaign and provide your followers with interesting content. Additionally, since you’ll have access to high-quality video from the daily millions of uploads, you’ll have enough content to support future expansion.

Ahsan Khan
Ahsan Khan
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