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Video Wall Controller

Video Wall Controller if you find yourself needing to control your digital signage swiftly. This Video Wall Controller Digital Signage has come a long way from LED scrolling letters. Full graphics in stunning 4k video allows for maximum impact and control of your brand for any type of event or presentation such as a product launch or seminar.

Video Wall Controller Digital Signage has come a long way from LED scrolling letters. Full-color graphics in stunning 4k video allows for maximum impact and control of your brand. One solution for interactive digital signage, the video wall controller has a variety of inputs and outputs to connect it with the most popular devices including TVs, PCs/Macs/tablets, and gaming consoles.


Flat TV and long sign messaging, diagonal scrolling on a single panel, all this can now be performed by Video Wall Controller Digital Signage. Giving you complete control and full graphics in stunning 4k video – your brand is sure to stand out!

Video Wall Controller

Create a stunning, interactive video wall with the Video Wall Controller from Signline. Hang it anywhere, by connecting up to 16 digital displays or monitors. It has a bright 4k resolution and can present a professional, polished logo in a matter of seconds.

Increase the impact of your messaging with a video wall controller. This device enables you to display full graphics in stunning 4k video, and you can keep your audience engaged by adding additional content.

Video Wall Controller Digital Signage allows you to show off your brand, products, and campaigns in epic 4K. Your audience will want to watch it over and over again!

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Video Wall Controller is the perfect complement to any digital signage system. With a wonderfully vibrant display, and increased control you can be sure your brand information will be seen by everyone in your audience. The only thing left to do is pick the right media player and you’re ready to go!

From promotional video to product placement, digital signage never looked so good! With the Video Wall Controller, you can fully control all aspects of your video wall including who, what, and how it is displayed through our easy-to-use app. This allows creative freedom that can help your brand stand out among the crowd.

The Video Wall Controller is a multi-function video wall controller that delivers incredible control of your digital signage. It lets you manage and display custom content in any shape or size while also delivering stunning graphics and animations that go beyond simple lighting effects.

Our video wall controller allows you to control the content on any of our digital signs. It’s a versatile and powerful tool that will help you promote your brand in a way that has never been done before.

Video Wall Controller

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This is a Video Wall Controller that works with the third-generation Amazon Fire TV streaming stick. The controller has 1080p (1920-by-1080) full HD resolution and lip sync capabilities to ensure the image matches what’s on the screen.

We are revolutionizing the way brands market themselves by creating digital signage that stands out from the crowd. Our state-of-the-art graphics will impress your patrons, as well as increase brand awareness.


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