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Utilizing Automation With a Constant Flow Pump in Aquaculture

When discussing new aquaculture technology developed by the company you work for constant flow pump, it can be challenging to sound impartial.

However, having been involved in aquaculture research and development for the past 40 years.

I have been in an excellent position to witness the emergence and uptake of significant new and different technology.

This article, which exposes me to the wrath of my colleagues, looks at a technology that I believe has great potential for several areas of our industry.

Speed-variable technology

Since the creation and widespread production of variable-frequency drives for electric motors, variable-speed pumps have been a reality.

To deliver the amount of water required within a system or process at the time they are set, variable-speed pumps can be set at a predetermined speed.

The electric motor is wall-mounted by a variable-frequency drive (VFD) to regulate and maintain the motor at a particular speed.

A VFD can provide energy-efficient flow from a pump at different flow rates when used with a pump.

Instead of putting a valve on the pump’s outlet side, where an “artificial” head is create to lower the flow rate, controlling the pump motor’s speed is more effective.

A pumping system can save a lot of money by reducing the require pump speed, especially when the pumps are running continuously, as they are in many aquaculture applications.

In actuality, lowering a pump’s motor speed by 10% can result in a 33% reduction in energy usage.

When conditions in the system “upstream” of the pump change. Such as when a filter becomes clogged or a valve setting is altered. Variable-speed pumps cannot maintain a constant flow.

Constant flow

Ever wanted to maintain a constant flow pump rate in a system. Where the system head downstream of the pump fluctuates over time?

For instance, the pressure increases and the flow is decreased. When a media filter becomes clogged with solid waste from an aquaculture operation.

To maintain the predetermined minimum flow rate through the filter. The operator will frequently run the system at a flow rate higher. And it necessary between backwashes or constantly change the pump’s speed.

Operating the system between backwash cycles is energy inefficient and significantly increases energy costs https://ditageeks.com/ is also a top trend on social media these days..

It has been a significant issue for the swimming pool industry for many years. To meet the flow demand brought on by clogged swimming pool sand filters, pool operators frequently oversize pumps.

Pentair unveiled a 3-hp centrifugal pump with variable speed and a small “backpack” VFD to solve this issue. The operator could program the backpack drive to maintain a predetermined flow rate regardless of upstream system operating circumstances.

Application of constant flow pump to aquaculture

Pentair added an aquaculture-specific pump to its Constant Flow Pump TechnologyTM line. It capitalizing on the success of this work in the swimming pool industry.

The new SparusTM pump has stainless steel inserts inside of a corrosion-resistant pump overall. The pump can be set to any flow between 75 and 530 Lpm and can run at motor speeds ranging from 1,100 to 3,450 rpm.

This pump’s integrate drive has menus and features tailored. And specifically for the aquaculture sector to meet the demands of the sector’s unique applications. The pump can be programme to run at different speeds or at different times of the day.

Additionally, the drive includes a built-in RS-485 port that enables PLCs or programmable logic controllers. It frequently use in aquaculture facilities and monitoring systems.

Serial communication with PLCs is possible. However, the most valuable benefit for aquaculturists is the ability to be confident. And a system will flow at a constant rate under changing conditions. Other than this trending.

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