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Use of QR Code Menu in a Restaurant

Use of QR Code Menu in a Restaurant

As the world prepares for a post-pandemic future, contactless ordering is expected to play an increasingly important role in the hospitality industry’s recovery. In recent years, restaurants have offered QR code menus to sit-in customers who wish to order at a table. With the use of a QR code scanner, users can quickly scan the QR code, pay their restaurant bills, and do many more works.

The QR code is an excellent tool for a wide range of hospitality businesses, including restaurants, bars, hotels, stadiums, and cinemas. Using a QR code menu in a restaurant has numerous advantages in addition to providing social distancing and improving hygienic conditions.

To begin with, let us examine what a QR code menu is in more detail. Next, we will discuss some of the many advantages of implementing one in your restaurant.

What is a QR Code Menu?

With the use of a QR code scanner, customers can view a digital version of a menu by scanning the QR code with their smartphone. By eliminating physical menus from tables, COVID creates a more consumer-friendly experience for its customers.

The QR code stands for “quick response,” which is exactly what customers are looking for in an environment such as a restaurant. In a similar manner to a barcode that you might find in a supermarket, a square code consists of an image. A customer scans the barcode on their smartphone and is automatically taken to a website or app that displays menu information based on the code.

Customers can view the menu, select items to be ordered, and pay for them on their mobile phones – a complete contactless ordering experience.

What is the Purpose of Using QR Codes in Restaurants?

The use of QR code menus in restaurants has many excellent reasons, ranging from social distancing to higher-order values. We have listed some reasons that we believe are pretty convincing.

Eliminate menu sharing between customers

Currently, the most significant advantage of a QR code menu in a restaurant is that it reduces the number of items customers must touch when they are dining. 

The menu is often passed from one person to another at the table while a group of people decides what to eat and drink. Throughout the restaurant, place QR codes in locations that are easy to locate and scan, so that customers will be able to find them easily.

Enhance the value of orders

The average consumer spends more when they place an order online. With integrated online ordering, you can increase your average order value by as much as 30%.

The process of upselling can be awkward and clunky when done face-to-face. The advantage of ordering from a digital menu is that customers feel less pressured to make a quick decision and feel more at ease adding additional menu items to their orders. Moreover, they do not feel ashamed or embarrassed about consuming a second serving of onion rings.

A better design for the menu

Digital menus are designed with great user experience in mind, allowing you to highlight the most popular items, increase order value, and optimize conversion rates.

Save money on printing costs

There is a frequent change in the menu of many restaurants. The cost of updating a print version of a menu whenever the chef introduces a new item or runs out of an item is high. By using a QR code menu, the changes can be made digitally as and when needed, without incurring any additional costs.

Easy and frequent updating of menu items

When you run out of something in your kitchen, it is a hassle to notify customers that a menu item is no longer available. Using a digital menu, you can update it as often as you like without causing a great deal of concern.

Increase the rate of table turnover

Restaurant managers face the challenge of serving as many customers as possible without making them feel rushed out of the restaurant. 

The QR code menu will be readily available to your customers once they have been seated, so they will not have to wait to draw the attention of the waiter to place their order. You might even want to allow them to place their order before they sit down. 

The process will be greatly accelerated as a result. A customer is also permitted to order additional items during a meal, either for the purpose of forgetting something or for the purpose of realizing that they really do want that extra side of mushrooms after all.

Final Thoughts

The Qr Code menu is getting good responses from both customers and restaurant owners. It is helping many customers to learn what the cafe is offering by just using a Qr code scanner. For Restaurant is a good improvisation for the menu card.

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