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How to Use Keywords to Combine the Power of SEO and Google Ads

Both search engine optimization practices and Google Ads use keywords to drive traffic to a website. The main difference between these two practices is that one is paid while the other one is organic. In the end, you’ll end up paying for both services, but the difference here is that Google Ads run on a budget while SEO tactics don’t need a daily budget. So, to get desired results, you need to do keyword research which will drive your SEO and Google Ads practices further. Since both SEO and Google Ads can benefit your business, let’s see how you can combine their power in your digital marketing strategy.

Importance of SEO

If you want your website to be seen among many others similar to your service and business, you need to rise above the competition. Yes, your product and your business might be one of a kind, but your competitor has been longer at their SEO game than you. So, you need to adopt the best SEO practices and start optimizing your website immediately, if you haven’t started already. SEO is a long game, it’s a marathon, but one that will help you increase online visibility, improve website traffic and increase sales. Search engine optimization is an important aspect of running a successful business.

Google Ads Explained

Google ads is a paid advertising method because you’ll use it to target relevant keywords for your business. Each time your ad appears for a search term, and if the user clicks on it, a portion of your daily budget is spent on that click. This is why Google Ads is a paid marketing method, each click has to be paid. But with each click you get, you increase your chances to convert a visitor to a customer. Meaning, that you might not even get these customers if you weren’t bidding on the most relevant search keywords. And that is the gist of Google Ads – it also brings relevant traffic to your website but quite fast.

Especially if you target the relevant keywords, you’ll get relevant clicks which will result in a conversion. So the return on the investment is visible immediately.

SEO and Google Ads – How can they work together?

SEO and Google Ads pair together perfectly. Both can improve your website traffic, click-through rate, conversion rate, and return on investment. If you’re unsure whether they are worth it, note down your metrics before the SEO efforts and Google Ads campaign and right after. You’ll see a significant difference and you could envision how these results can drop if you stop with both. Let’s see how you can leverage both to your advantage.

Both unveil relevant keyword data

Let’s say you do your keyword research. You research the search volume of keywords you plan on implementing in your SEO strategy. The agency you hired for SEO management will deliver a detailed report.  They can also propose a Google Ads campaign, that also targets the most relevant keywords for your business. As a result, you’ll get lots of relevant data which you’ll use in your digital marketing efforts.

To test this all out, you can start with both your campaigns at the same time – SEO management and Google Ads campaign. After a while, you can merge data reports and get information about search volume, competition, cost per click, return on investment, organic clicks and results, and others.

Google Ads and SEO can reveal the best-performing keywords

Both of these rely on detailed keyword research to create the best approach. An SEO keyword research can reveal keywords with a hidden potential, which not many Google Ads campaign bid on. At the same time, Google Ads can reveal keywords with the highest click-through rate. If a keyword has a high click-through rate, it means that is relevant for business.

Search term report in Google Ads is a goldmine for SEO

Search term reports can be used to uncover new keywords for Google Ads and also those that are relevant for SEO. These keywords reveal more about the search intent, which can be a goldmine for SEO. You can use these phrases to optimize page content and create relevant pieces of content.

Immediate brand awareness, but with long-lasting effect

If you use Google Ads to raise brand awareness, the results will have a long-lasting effect that you can use in your SEO efforts. While SEO tactics take time to be measured, Google Ads can bridge that gap and help improve website traffic. You can also bid on competitors’ brand names and get a boost in website traffic. Maybe you won’t be able to outrank your competitor’s website simply because they’ve been working on their SEO for a long time. However, you can bid on their names in your Google Ads campaign and outrank their organic position with a paid ad.

Use overpriced keywords to improve your website content

If your Google Ads budget is limited, so you can’t pay the top-of-the-page bid, you can use them differently. You can use these expensive keywords to improve your website content. You can optimize your web pages to rank better for these keywords or even use them in your link-building practices.

Google Ads reveal which areas of your website need to be improved

Google Ads can go so far as to improve your conversion rate. Even if your paid Google Ads campaign targets the right keywords and has amazing ad copy that entices people to click on your ad, the bounce rate can still be high. If the bounce rate is high, the click-through rate is high, but the conversions are low, you have to improve your website. The landing page experience is low, thus people aren’t taking the desired actions. Thus, Google Ads data can reveal which areas of your website need more improvement.

The goal of these practices is the same – to improve your website rankings. Each one does a different job but the result can only benefit your metrics. Google ads can deliver almost immediate results, while SEO efforts will be visible after a while. Nevertheless, both will impact your long-term goals and help you achieve better results. 

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