Today on December 20, the dollar as well as the stock market has seen a sharp decline, the KSE100 index has seen a minus of 1200 points. Until the political situation improves, the stock market and the dollar rate will remain negative, it is hoped that the dollar price and the stock market will improve in the coming days, the value of the Pakistani rupee will fall day by day. The main reason is the political environment and the economic situation.

Today, January 10, the price of the US dollar has once again increased in Pakistan, which is due to the shortage of USD to PKR in Pakistan, the foreign reserves of Pakistan are falling rapidly and even today the price of the <a href=”https://usdtopkr.pk”>dollar to pkr</a> is about 50 paisa. The rise has been observed, some news channels have also reported that the value of the dollar should be based on the open market and this is the demand of the IMF, if the condition of the IMF to keep the value of the dollar based on the market is fulfilled. If this is done, in the next few days, the price of the dollar may be 245 to 250 rupees, due to which the price of the necessary items may increase, especially the items that Pakistan imports from other countries by spending USD.

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