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Furansu Mods APK v6.5 (ML MOD MENU) Download

Mobile Legends Bang Bang is an entertaining MOBA game that is full of adventure thrill, excitement, and fun. Everyone wants to eliminate all foes in these fights. So, they continue to learn new strategies and tricks from the pros. But only a tiny percentage of beginners achieve their goals. If you want to be the most effective warrior in MLBB and beyond, you’ll find that Furansu ML Mods could be the most efficient way to go. In fact, it’s an improved version, with auto aim, and mini-maps unlocking all skins and ranks, as well as other.

Therefore Furansu ML is similar to other ML mods, such as Cyrax MLBB and mast Mod. A mod version doesn’t require premium subscriptions regularly. That’s the reason why players are crazy to play modded versions of games. But, at the same time they are not official utilities. MOONTON has not yet released these versions.

The fans say that Mod Menu is more efficient than using multiple injectors or tools. In reality the mod menu is built into the game. If the mod menu is activated MLBB modmenu, it won’t need an OBB file to be downloaded separately. Instead, you are able to connect it to your previous work. Cheats are just a mouse click away. Use the floating window in the mod menu to inject cheat codes or eject them as per your requirements. The costs of battle points, diamonds coins, diamonds and so on. are cut.


Features of Furansu ML:

The most appealing aspect of Mod X is the durability of its functions. This means that the services offered are always available. This means that you can entertain yourself for a long time. Some injectors or mods are not working after a few days. This is quite irritating for gamers. They eventually try to find another option. However, Furansu Mods is sure to keep you entertained for a lengthy duration. Also, check out the complete list of amazing freebies that follow in the outline below.

Show Menu:

  • Show Mini Map
  • Show HP Bar Info
  • Show Room

Inject Skins:

  • Unlock All Skins (All Modes)
  • Work Rank & Classic
  • Supported Painted Skins

ESP Menu:

  • Shortcut ESP
  • ESP Box, Circle
  • ESP Line, Health
  • ESP Distance, Hero Name
  • ESP Name, Cooldown
  • ESP Dot

Field of View:

  • FOV 0 – 30
  • Camera View 2x, 4x, 6x
  • Auto Aim:
  • Auto Aim Lock

Target: Low Health / Close Distance Flameshot

  • Flame Shot
  • Beatrix Basic Attack
  • Skill 1, Skill 2
  • Skill 3, Skill 4
  • Range FOV 360


  • Line Opacity
  • Box Width & Height
  • Health Bar Size
  • Hero Name Position: -300
  • Hero Name Size
  • Player Name Position: -300
  • Player Name Size
  • Line Position X (2): -1000
  • Line Position Y (2): -700
  • Box Position X (1): -1500
  • Box Position Y (1): -1000
  • CD Size
  • CD Height: -300
  • Box Width Height
  • Line Thickness & Colors

More Benefits:

  • Regular new skins.
  • Completely functional mod.
  • Back-to-back updates.
  • Essential equipment.
  • Fix bugs, errors.
  • Free of ads and pop-ups.
  • There are no subscriptions.
  • No password/login.
  • New and updated cheats.
  • Floating Mod Menu.
  • There is no OBB file.
  • Simple to use.

Attention: Hello users should disable unlock skins if you intend to use skins you own or have a trial card. You can only unlock skins on skins you don’t have a license to use. Thanks

Functional crucial:

We’ll be updating the key to make sure that the mod menu is operational Remember the key below to access features.

Ahsan Khan
Ahsan Khan
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