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Unlock Licensing Opportunities with BIIAB LEVEL 2 Award

The BIIAB level 2 award for personal licence holders is an essential qualification in the UK for those wishing to work in the alcoholic beverage profession. With a significant rise in demand for alcohol-related services, this module provides individuals with all the necessary knowledge and skills to safely and effectively manage a licensed premise. The online course consists of comprehensive training in the fundamentals of alcohol retailing, legislation, licensing laws, risk assessment and conflict management.

An Introduction to the BIIAB Level 2 Award

The BIIAB Level 2 Award is a qualification which provides individuals with the essential knowledge and understanding required to apply for a BIIAB level 2 award for personal licence holders. It is recognised by the UK Government and can help individuals gain employment in the hospitality sector.

The course provides an in-depth introduction to licensing law, enabling learners to understand their legal responsibilities and how alcohol should be supplied and consumed responsibly. On completion of the award, learners can support their application for a Personal Licence with evidence that they have completed this nationally recognised qualification.

The personal licence course cost varies depending on where you study; however, it typically costs between £100-£150 per person. This price includes tuition fees, any necessary materials and assessments fees.

Preparing for the BIIAB Level 2 Award Examination

For anyone looking to get their BIIAB Level 2 Award in Personal Licensing, it’s important to be prepared for the exam that follows the course. Taking the time to plan and practice for this exam can make all the difference in passing and getting your qualification.

The BIIAB Level 2 Award Examination is a multiple-choice test held over two hours, with fifty questions. It covers topics such as personal licensing law, social responsibility, health safety and the protection of children. To pass this exam, participants must score at least 70%.

Preparing properly can help you to reach that goal easily; by setting aside some study time before taking your course and revisiting key points afterwards.

Tips for Achieving a Pass in the BIIAB Level 2 Award Exam

Achieving a pass in the BIIAB level 2 award for personal licence holders is no easy task, but with the right attitude, preparation and discipline, it can be manageable. To get the best possible outcome during the exam, here are some tips to help you on your way:

Firstly, it’s important to understand all the topics covered in the exam before taking it. Researching and studying these topics thoroughly beforehand will give you a good base understanding of what needs to be learnt for your exam. Secondly, practice makes perfect! Practice as many sample questions as possible to become familiar with different questions that may appear in your exam paper. This improves speed and accuracy when answering questions during timed tests.


In conclusion, the BIIAB Level 2 Award from Inn Confidence is a great way to unlock licensing opportunities and open the door to a career in the alcohol industry. The comprehensive course gives learners an in-depth understanding of how to sell and serve alcohol responsibly. It also covers related disciplines such as personal licence course cost law, health and safety, licensing objectives, and consumer protection. Learners can be confident that they’re receiving high-quality training from approved providers.

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