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Understand The Genetics and Environment Role in Drug and Alcohol Addiction

What Causes Drug Addiction?

This question has been asked for centuries. Why do certain people have such a hard time controlling their drug and alcohol abuse? Could it be genetics or upbringing? What factors lead some people to experiment with substance abuse? There is no single answer to these questions. Substance abuse disorders like alcoholism and drug addiction have many root causes. Drug and alcohol addiction is not caused by a single, easily identifiable cause.

The conditions that lead each of the addicts to that point are unique. However, researchers have placed genetics and environment among the risk factors that lead to drug addiction.

Genetics and Drug Addiction

According to NIH, your propensity to develop an addiction to drugs or alcohol is determined in large part by your genetic composition. Predisposition to develop addiction is affected by three variables:

  • Mental and physical capacity to abuse
  • Motivation. Motivation encompasses both the “automatic” mental processes that direct conduct and the “reflective” mental processes that explain why people do the things they do, such as the “euphoric” sensations people get shortly after taking a drug.
  • Opportunity. Opportunity refers to the physical and social aspects of your surroundings, such as your first substance use, that either limit or expand your choices in how you behave.

Environment and Drug Addiction

One’s surroundings may also play a significant role in the onset of one’s drug or alcohol addiction due to the powerful impact it has on one’s actions. Some examples of environmental influences that might lead to drug abuse are:

  • Loneliness 
  • Traumatic childhood 
  • Past compulsive behaviors
  • Peer pressure to try drugs
  • Parental participation in drug abuse

While it may be difficult to alter certain aspects of one’s surroundings, such as childhood experiences, some steps may be taken to lessen the impact of these adverse conditions and aid in the battle against drug abuse. 

Despite the conditions that led to your addiction, it is a manageable illness. Seek the help of addiction health professionals right away.

Seek The Help of The Best Addiction Specialists in Houston, Texas

Do you have a family member battling alcoholism or drug addiction? Or maybe you have an issue with drugs or alcohol? Finding a quality addiction treatment program is the first step to recovery, regardless of the details of what triggered your condition. It is crucial to choose a treatment center that recognizes the complexities of this illness in order to recover from substance abuse or alcoholism.

Houston’s Taylor Recovery Center understands how challenging your addiction issue is. We invite everyone serious about making a change toward sobriety to call us and have access to our well-informed and tailored treatment plans. Our best addiction treatment options often combine evidence-based traditional techniques like CBT with newer, more experimental approaches.

We want to see you through this challenging time regardless of what led you here. Get in touch with us by phone or online, and a helpful admissions advisor will respond to any queries you may have.

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