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Unable to Reset Orbi 960? Let’s Fix!

It’s possible that your Orbi 960 isn’t functioning as it should, or that you simply can’t remember the password you used to log in to your Orbi. Either of these is a good reason to perform a factory reset on your Orbi 960.

There are numerous different approaches one can take in order to return an Orbi to its original factory settings, regardless of the reason why. In this article, you will learn several different methods that can quickly reset Orbi. In the following tutorial, you will find detailed instructions that will walk you through each step of resetting an Orbi to its factory settings.

How to Perform an Orbi Factory Reset?

Soft Reset Orbi

• To access the dashboard of your Orbi using the default web address that is orbilogin.com

The soft reset approach is the one that will allow you to reset your Orbi with the least amount of hassle. For this, you need

• Look for an option called “Reset” in the settings menu.

• To finish the process of resetting, make sure to follow the instructions that appear on the screen.

If you follow the procedures outlined above, you should be able to quickly reset your Orbi 960 to the settings that it had when it was first manufactured.

Hard Reset Method

If for some reason you are unable to log in to your Orbi, then this is the procedure that you should use to reset your WiFi router to its factory settings. Before beginning the process to reset Orbi, you must first ensure that it is powered on and receiving the appropriate amount of electricity.

  • Find the button labeled “Factory Reset” on your Orbi so that you can reset the device.
  • To use the button, first press it, then let go of it.
  • Make sure the power indicator on your Orbi has stopped blinking before continuing.
  • Your Orbi will restart and revert to its factory settings after the restart.

After you have completed all of the steps necessary to reset Orbi, you will need to reconfigure it so that it can connect to the internet. If you are not familiar with the procedure of setting up Orbi, the steps are outlined below for your convenience.

How to do Orbi 960 Setup?

To reconfigure your Orbi 960, please complete the instructions stated below exactly as they are:

• Ensure that your Orbi is connected to the modem.

• You have the option of using an Ethernet cable or going the wireless route in order to connect both devices. To prevent any problems from occurring when you are installing your Orbi 960, we strongly advise you to choose the wired setup option.

• When you are finished, open a web browser on your computer and navigate to the orbilogin website to complete the login process.

• The login page for your Orbi will load, requesting that you input your login information.

• Make use of the default login information, then move on to the next step by clicking the Sign in button.

• On the display screen of your computer, you will see a variety of on-screen instructions. If you followed the same steps as before, setting up your Orbi device would be a breeze for you.

A bonus tip: When you are reconfiguring your Orbi 960, be sure that all gadgets that interfere with WiFi are not nearby. In that case, your Orbi setup will not go according to plan.

However, if you run into any problems while resetting or setting up your Orbi, you are suggested to check the user manual that came along with your device at the time of its purchase.

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