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The Ultimate Guide to Buying a Coffee Table

A coffee table is an essential piece of furniture in any living area. Knowing measurements is the greatest place to start. When shopping for your ideal minimalist coffee table because they differ in shape, style, and size.

1. The height

    Measure the height of your sofa around where you want to put the minimalist coffee table for the best design fit. There is no established “law” as to how high or low the table should be relative to your seating area; therefore it is advisable to choose a size that complements your room.
     Choose a higher table that can hold your laptop or textbooks if you need a workspace. Consider something lower as a space for you to set up your cup of coffee and snacks if you want to create a more casual and comfortable atmosphere.

2. What is the shape

    Search for a rectangular coffee table that is half the length of your sofa for a truly esthetically beautiful setup.
A round coffee table is the greatest choice if space is limited, especially in narrow corners, as there are no sharp edges to move around.
L-shaped seating spaces and sofas, and oval coffee tables look great since they provide a sizeable enough design surface while also allowing for easy mobility around and between the coffee table and the seat.

3. The size

     An end table would be ideal if you are seriously limited in space. A coffee end table is shorter but yet has the same style and shape as a regular coffee table, just in a more manageable and compact size.
     If your seating area is larger, you can either choose a larger coffee table that extends to every seat or choose to use many smaller coffee tables and place one by each seat.

4. What type of coffee table material?

  If your current interior is busy, use a neutral color like white or gray gloss, since this will produce a clean and modern effect. Alternatively, you may go with a clear glass table to let the colors and design of your current room stand out.

  •      Choose an accent in your area that you want to draw attention to more, such as a wooden finish, and tie this in with the materials on your coffee table if you wish to coordinate. This will give the entire environment a continuous appearance.
  •      Choose a minimalist coffee table to provide the impression of a room. In addition to softly reflecting the light in your space, it will also be less noticeable due to its clarity.
  •      Try mixing the colors of your coffee table with a gray rug under the table to create a focal point. In addition to creating the appearance of additional space, this will make your coffee table the genuine center of attention in the room.

Top tip:
     Coffee tables are a great way to add sneaky storage to your space. If you think your area could use some more storage, go for a table with drawers, a lift-up top, or even a table with a useful shelf beneath.

5. Style

    Do you want to give a more classic decor a contemporary spin? Or are you hoping to match the finishes already in place? As they frequently occupy the center of the room, coffee tables are a terrific way to unify the entire space.

6. Function

    Coffee tables serve many more purposes than merely holding your morning brew. They serve as spaces for storage, displays, great snacks, and your favorite magazines. So choose a coffee table with a drawer or shelf if you need more storage. Want to showcase? Pick something with a lot of surface area or an open area.

7. Budget

    The cost of coffee tables can vary significantly based on their size, quality, and materials. Choose a coffee table that you adore and will last the test of time because they are an essential component of any living space!

8. Versatility

    Choose a smaller coffee table, if you require a coffee table that can be moved around the room with ease. It should go without saying, but when using minimalist coffee tables, the lighter the better.
You can also use a matching coffee table and side table in place of a coffee table set.


    Have our suggestions motivated you to buy a stylish new coffee table for your house? Our selection of coffee tables features a huge range of patterns, styles, and colors, so you’re sure to find something you like. Visit our minimalist Coffee Table Style Guide for additional styling advice. Our Ultimate Guide to Buying a Coffee Table is a must-have if you’re completely renovating your living room.

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