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Ultimate Guide for Kodachadri Trek


Quite possibly of the most astounding and troublesome trips, I have done in the Western Ghats is the journey to Kodachadri top. It is a unique and well-known journey and each traveler in Southern India has this mountain on their journeying list of must-dos.

Kodachadri top is a climb than a journey yet in India, everybody alludes to climbs and trips as trips so for this post I’m utilizing the term journey.

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About the Trek

Arranged in the territory of Karnataka, Kodachadri is a mountain in the Western Ghats of South India. Part of Mookambika Public Park, the mountain is the thirteenth most elevated top and is around 1343 meters high. It is perhaps of the most popular trip in Karnataka. Kodachadri’s name is gotten from one of the blossoming plants and is known as the Jasmine of the slopes.

Kodachadri is situated in the core of western ghats a good way off of 414 Km from Bangalore. It is additionally extremely near the west coast. We accept this as a benefit to visiting Malpe Ocean side on Day 2 which is nearby Udupi town on the Konkan coast.

Kodachadri falls under the Shimoga area of Karnataka which is likewise home to another exceptional spot called the Agumbe rainforest.

Best time to Visit

Soon after the Storm closes or throughout the cold weather days are the best time frame for my comprehension to visit Kodachadri’s journey. In any case, certain individuals likewise really like to visit during rainstorms and summers as the view is undeniably more clear as post-storm and winter you could experience haze while traveling. If anybody wishes to partake in a few genuine difficulties of traveling, do visit this spot during the pinnacle storm alongside the right cog wheels for the trip.

Things to carry

  • Emergency first aid
  • Character Verification
  • Water (1 to 2 liters)
  • Pressed Lunch
  • Additional Garments
  • Light Tidbits

Places of Interest

  • Sarvajna Peetha – Adi master Shankaracharya visited Sharada Nilaya in Kashmir known as Sarvajna Peetha (the seat of the omniscient). The people who are not omniscient are not qualified to sit on it; nobody could profess to be a specialist in any religion or reasoning without sitting on it. 

Sarvajna Peetha is a little sanctuary-like design or additionally called Mantapa close to the pinnacle where Adi Shankara is accepted to be contemplated.

  • Moolasthana – Moolasthana is one more sanctuary situated close to PWD Guesthouse or explorers’ cottage. As the name proposes, Moola (essential/beginning) and Sthana (place). Moolasthana is accepted to be the beginning spot of Sri Mookambika Devi.
  • Chitramoola – Not long before the pinnacle, a practically upward way takes you to a little buckle called Chitramoola, from where the Mookambika sanctuary of Kollur is visible. Once you arrive at the point, there is a stepping stool and rope to move to the little cavern-like spot. There is water falling here pretty much without fail. This water is awesome! Kindly attempt it when you visit. The taste is astonishing and you will feel the virtue. Whenever I first went here, there was nobody on the climbing way and at this spot.

Some Important facts

  • Kodachadri of Sanskrit is deciphered as “Jasmine of Slopes”.
  • The height of Kodachadri is 1343 meters above Ocean level. That is around 4400 feet. It is the tenth most noteworthy pinnacle of Karnataka.
  • It is arranged in the core of Mookambika Natural life Asylum with a lot of biodiversities. The woods are home to Malabar Langur, Rock Python, Lord Cobra, Hornbill, Spotted Deer, Panthers, and so on.
  • Kodachadri’s journey distance is 11 km one way. Adventurers normally benefit from Jeep while returning.
  • It is the main trip favored with spouting cascades in its course named Hidlumane cascades.
  • Kodachadri journey trouble level is delegated “Moderate”. Individuals with essential wellness levels can endeavor this trip.
  • It is renowned for its lovely nightfall in the winters and summers. The Middle Eastern Ocean can be spotted on crisp mornings.
  • Kodachadri is covered by the Shola woods which is ordinary to western ghats. They are thick and green the majority of the year.
  • The stones found on these slopes have attractive properties with the great substance of Iron Metal Zinc and Manganese.
  • Kodachadri is a trip for all seasons which is for sure exceptional when contrasted and different mountains.


Because it is perhaps of the most lovely trip in South India. As far as sheer regular magnificence, Kodachadri contends with one more fabulous spot in western ghats called Kudremukh.

Kodachadri is the main trip where you do want not to journey back. Indeed you read it right. We can return by a rough terrain jeep ride. It is exceptionally one of a kind for Kodachadri because there is a wrecked mud street where just 4×4 jeeps can drive.

We don’t enjoy this benefit for different trips in Karnataka because wherever else, travelers need to get back to base before sunsets. This implies individuals need to begin traveling back adequately early. When it is dull, you would have no desire to be outside there in western ghats, for they are famous for their snakes and other wild creatures.

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