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Ultimate Guide for Developing a Fitness App for iOS

You can be the ultimate knight in shining armor for all the fitness enthusiasts out there. You can develop an incredible application to digitalize fitness for the masses, enabling them to take care of their physical health more easily. Given the high quality of the application, your customers are going to love your app!

How a Fitness App Would Work?

Wondering what will make the users love the app? In this time and age, people that want to take out time for their health fail to dedicate enough time to their fitness. An app will make achieving fitness goals easier; it will make a fitness assistant available in the palm of the users. The convenience and the ease that they will get will make them totally depend on your application for their fitness concerns and tracking.

However, delivering such convenience and ease requires certain features. Here is a list of features that you can include in your fitness app:

1)      Tracking and Monitoring

Activity tracking, nutrition tracking, calorie counting, heart rate, and blood pressure monitoring can help users watch out for their health. Any alarming health concern can be easily identified, and if there are any troublesome habits (such as lack of activity), they can be altered. As a result, the overall health of an individual will increase.

2)      Apple Watch Integration

The top iOS app development company would definitely incentivize the accessibility and precision that will be offered through this watch. Integrating the app with the watch will make data collection easier and more accurate. Accordingly, fitness tracking and monitoring can be more accurate.

3)      Analytics

By analyzing the user’s data that has been fed into the software, you can offer tailored solutions to the consumer. For example, you can offer a tailored diet plan and exercise regime to someone fighting high cholesterol. And this can be made more accurate and efficient through artificial intelligence; it uses its machine learning technology to analyze data and, thus, draw appropriate conclusions.

4)      Notifications/ Reminders

Through notifications, you can remind the users of what they are missing out on. Here are a few examples of fitness reminders:

  • Lack of steps; time to go for a walk
  • Consume enough water
  • Don’t forget to check out your nutrition intake for today

Users can also customize the notifications; thereby, they can add notifications that are more relevant to them.

5)      Engagement

Users should be able to share their concerns with the professionals so that they can get more appropriate advice on what sort of fitness strategies they need to adopt. Leading app developers NYC use AI-powered chatbots that can be incorporated to foster high engagement and deliver personalized recommendations to the users.

Steps to Develop the App

Here are the steps that you may follow to develop a fitness app on iOS:

1.      Research and Planning

The first step is to identify the market trends, the audience, and the competitors and, thus, conduct thorough research on them. Here is what you may identify through research:

  • The latest, high-performing market trends
  • Competitors in the market; what are their weaknesses that you may incentivize? And what are their strengths that you may learn from?
  • What do the consumers want? What are their expectations?

At this stage, you must do the following:

  • Collect data from surveys, questionnaires, and interviews from the targeted audience
  • Use the data of competitors
  • Talk to experts in relevant fields for advice

Accordingly, you may lay out a plan for the development of your application. This plan must include the following:

  • Project requirements
  • App purpose and goals
  • Timeline
  • Budget

2.      Hiring Developers

After clearly laying out your plan, you must start discussing your plan with expert development teams. Hire the best app development NYC company. Make sure they tick the following boxes:

  • Have prior experience developing iOS apps, such that the apps were integrated with the apple watch.
  • Commit to your project timeline and budget
  • Take a customer-centric approach
  • Are open to communication and discussions

3.      Designing

This stage is crucial because it determines the users’ ultimate experience with your application. Here are a few tips for successful app designing:

  • Meet apple’s standards and requirements regarding design
  • Make the app interactive
  • The design must be consistent with the other apps on apple
  • A layout should be created for the wearable watch as well

4.      Programming

Experts in either Swift or Objective C write codes for the software, creating a top-notch application. At this point, it is necessary to remember that apple is extremely strict when it comes to app security, so make sure they are no security loopholes in your application.

5.      Software Testing

The quality assurance team at the top iOS app development company runs tests to ensure that the application is performing seamlessly on the devices. Each component of the application is tested separately and then, along with other components, to make sure the application is flawless.

6.      Beta Launch

You are highly recommended to launch an initial version of your app among a smaller section of your targeted audience to make sure it delivers desired functionality. Collect reviews and feedback to evaluate the performance. Identify areas that can be further improved. Hence, with the help of your software development team, fix those issues.

7.      Launch

Finally, the time has arrived for the mega-launch of your application. Here are a few prerequisites for the iOS application launch:

  • App store optimization: to make your product acceptable to the app store and visible to the masses, you need to add proper product descriptions and snippets of your application.
  • Apple developer’s license: To make your software available on the app store, you need a license that costs $99. This license has to be renewed annually to make sure that the app stays on the app store.
  • Submit the App for Review: your application will only be launched in the app store after it has been reviewed by the apple team.

Once your application is launched, you need to monitor the response of the users, making sure that the users use your application and like it. If the response is not desirable, you need to reflect on the following:

  • Marketing strategies
  • App performance and responsiveness
  • Software features

Consider the user’s feedback to get an insight into what the users think about your app. Thus, alter the software to make it better for the end-users.

Key Takeaways

Through mobile app development, you can create customized software that caters to the fitness needs of the masses. Incorporate the latest technologies, such as AI technology, to make the application stand out among a huge bunch of fitness apps. Remember that software quality determines service quality. And service quality determines the ultimate success of your application. So wisely choose the top app development company to develop an application that outperforms all the existing fitness apps

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