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Types Of Mobile Application Development and Website Development Designs?

The design in Mobile Application Development and Website Development is an intricate part, and it is the first aspect a mobile application or website user interacts with or notices. Businesses invest a lot in Mobile App Development Company In India to get their app design the best. It is a fact that the aesthetics of a design that pleases the eyes boost user engagement.People casually throw around abbreviations like “UX” and “UI” when discussing the elements of an application or a website. They misunderstand the two as the same, while they two are very different from each other.

If you require building an attractive-looking application for your business, you can reach out to Vxplore Technologies, the best Mobile App Development Company In Kolkata, India. You can benefit from the expertise of their experienced and highly skilled developers. They have delivered full-fledged and well-functioning applications to many companies. Yours can be one of them. The experts at Vxplore Technologies explain the differences between “UX” and “UI.” Let’s first understand what is UX and UI individually:-

UX stands for User Experience Design, and UI stands for User Interface Design. User Experience as a whole can be defined as the experience of a user along their interaction with a brand and its products and services. In contrast, User Interface is the user’s interaction with only technical and digital products.

Now let’s discuss the differences between UX Design and UI Design:

While both have some similarities, they are both targeted to keep the user satisfied, fulfill their needs, and keep them captivated. Designing any types requires the developer to know what the user desires.

The differences between them can be discussed using the following factors:

  • Chronology
  • Application
  • Purpose 


User Interface Design consists of the visual aspects of a digital product like an application or a website; it comes after User Experience Design. A developer focusing on UX design first figures out how to deliver a better value with the product to its users. They think of some tactics to achieve that while planning the UX Design. After that, the UI Designer adds more to the development process with their creativity. They enhance the aesthetics and add interactive elements to engage the audience.


As mentioned earlier, UI Design is unique to technical and digital products only, while UX Design can be used to upgrade any goods or services.


The UX Developer aims to identify the users’ problems and solve them with advancements to their products and services. UI Design is about creating a product that looks great and has appreciative value because of its aesthetics. It is also aimed at improving the engagement rate of the user by adding interactive elements to the digital product.

Despite their similarities and differences, both these design forms work best when combined and included in the development process of a product. Any product must deliver both value and charm of looks, especially when it’s an app or a website. If you are developing any of the two, you should get in touch with UX Experts and UI Designers from a company like Vxplore Technologies. They can fulfill the two requirements in two steps:-

  • Firstly, the team in charge of the User Experience can research the market and your target consumers. They can discover the needs of your users and then think of ways to meet those needs. Every product should aim to provide some value to its customer or, better, to solve any of their problems. The consumer will be encouraged to keep using the product and become a fan of the brand.
  • After thinking of solutions for enhancing the User Experience, the User Interface team can work on the colors and design elements of the product first. Then they can also improve the layout of the various aspects. All elements added to a product’s user interface must encourage the user to interact with them.


You can reach out to Vxplore Technologies, one of the top  Mobile App Development Company In Kolkata, India, if you are interested in taking Mobile Application Development services.

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