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Types Of Cookies That You Can Bake For Your Kids

Children love munching on snacks daily without considering what’s healthy and unhealthy. Cookies are one of the best snacks for children which of course have the best taste and ingredients which are much better than any packed items. If your kid loves playing pumpkin pie cookie’s cookie run then they will definitely love eating them as well.

One can even bake cookies easily at home with the help of just a few ingredients. One can also keep in balance the amount of sugar, butter, and other products being consumed in the required amount. Let’s discuss some types of cookies that you can bake for your kids in this article.

Choco Chips Cookies:

One of the types of cookies that are perennial and being consumed since ancient times. It is prepared with the help of white flour, butter, and choco chips. Kids love having these choco chip cookies because of the tiny chocolate chunks in them as it is no secret that children love having chocolates.

These cookies can be chewy, crispy, or chunky depending on the choice of the consumer. Kids consume it with milk, but it can even be eaten solo as a snack as it tastes like a treat all alone.

Macaron Cookies:

These little delicate are prepared with the help of almond milk, egg whites, and powdered sugar with a layer of creme ganache in the middle of two layers. Macron can be of different flavors such as strawberries, mango, chocolate, etc.

The crunchy bite along with a soft creamy layer inside is the most loved by kids. The preparation of this cookie hardly takes any time so, you must give it a try to make your kid crave more.

Biscotti Cookies:

The specialty of a biscotti cookie is that it is baked twice. The process of baking cookies twice gives them an extra crunchy and unique texture and taste. It also has a topping of dry fruits, mostly almonds which make it taste exotic.

Different flavors can also be added in the preparation of biscotti cookies or they can be just topped with chocolates to add extra punch. Children love the crunchiness which makes these cookies the best choice among kids and they don’t even require Aut Trello for eating them.

Oatmeal Raisin Cookies:

One of the healthiest and good tasty cookies is the oatmeal raisin cookie. As the name suggests the ingredients used for the preparation are oats, raisins, and some brown sugar. They appear light brown in color along with dark raisins popping out.

The chewiness and chunkiness of the cooky completely depend upon the number of ingredients added and the time for which they were baked. You must prepare these at home to give your kid the best cookies.

Peanut Butter Cookies:

Cookies are made with the help of peanuts and butter mostly along with some powdered sugar and flour. These are chewy cookies that melt in the mount because of the butter added.

Kids especially love the crunchy bites they get because of the peanuts in between. Peanut butter cookies can be consumed occasionally to add up the taste as excess consumption of butter for daily purposes is not so healthy.

Gingerbread Cookies:

The ultimate holiday cooky is well known as gingerbread cookies. These are prepared with the help of spices galore, including cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg, and molasses. The dough is well prepared and then cut out into different shapes and baked well.

These are served with white chocolate topping giving the perfect look to the shapes they were made in. Most kids love to have gingerbread cookies on holidays because of their beautiful appearance.

I hope you enjoyed reading the article and now you have an idea about some best cookies which you can bake for your kid.

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