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Turkey Visa Now AVAILABLE to Kuwaiti Citizens


Passports and visas are critical documents for anyone traveling abroad. They are a way for countries to monitor who is entering and ensure that only individuals with valid and verifiable travel documents are allowed entry. For Jamaican and Kuwaiti nationals, an entry permit or visa is explicitly required to travel to Turkey.

What is the visa requirement for Turks visiting Jamaica or Kuwait?

Sponsorship is an important part of visa application procedures, as nationals from Jamaica and Kuwait need to have someone in Turkey provide sponsorship, or else they are required to purchase a visa at the embassy or consulate. A sponsor assumes legal responsibility that the visitor in question will abide by all laws in the country of travel. Sponsors can be family members, friends or even businesses based in Turkey, who need to provide a local address, phone number, and identity card. For those not able to secure a sponsor, the alternative involves obtaining a visa from their nearest Turkish Embassy. Turkey Visa for Jamaica Citizens

The fee for a visa for those applying for it at an embassy is huge compared to the cost to be sponsored. The fee for a visa, based on nationality, is several hundred US dollars and a valid passport, along with other specific documentation, such as a completed Turkish visa form, and sometimes a round-trip airline ticket is also required. It is advised to also have a valid credit card with enough funds to cover the cost of the visa. 

What are the benefits of a Turkish visa for Jamaicans or Kuwaitis?

For both Jamaican and Kuwaiti nationals, approval of a travel visa typically gives the individual permission to travel to Turkey and remain in the country without leave or permission for up to 90 days. It is strongly advised that the Jamaican and Kuwaiti individual decide and follow whatever laws and regulations the country has in place. Anyone found breaking the law, including immigration regulations, risks being jailed, fined, deported and banned from reentry for a specific period. Turkey Visa for Kuwaiti Citizens


Jamaicans and Kuwaitis should bear in mind that immigration laws and rules are subject to change. As such, it is wise to check with the appropriate embassy or consulate before traveling to Turkey. By obtaining the Turkish visa beforehand, the individual gets the chance to experience the sights and sounds of Turkey without the hassle, hassle, worry and worry of the immigration services.

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