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Turkey Visa for Saudi and Chinese Citizens

The purpose of this document is to provide information on how to obtain a Turkish visa for Saudi citizens. The process is fairly straightforward, and most travelers should be able to obtain a visa within a few days. Requirements vary based on the type of visa you are seeking, but most applicants will need a passport valid for at least six months after your planned departure from Turkey and a valid visa. Please be aware that there are several requirements that must be met in order to obtain a Turkish visa, so please consult the consulate’s website for more information.

Turkey Visa for Saudi Citizens

In order to maintain links between the two countries, Saudi Arabia has initiated a visa-free regime for Turkish citizens. Turkish citizens now have visa-free access to over fifty Saudi Arabian cities, constituting a huge opportunity for business and tourism. 

The purpose of this document is to provide information on the various visa options available to Saudi citizens traveling to Turkey.  If you are planning a trip to Turkey, be sure to read through the following paragraphs for tips on visas and other important travel information. Turkey Visa for Saudi Citizens

As the Turkish economy continues to grow, more and more people from Saudi Arabia are looking to invest in the country. Thanks to the Turkish visa-free travel agreement, Saudi citizens have the opportunity to travel to Turkey without any difficulty. With so much to see and do in Istanbul and Ankara, there is no reason not to take advantage of this opportunity.

Turkey is a country in Eurasia and North Africa. It is bordered by the Mediterranean Sea to the south, Europe to the west and north, and Armenia and Iran to the east. The country’s landscape is mountainous and flat, with a small coastline on the Aegean Sea. The population is around 74 million people.

Turkey Visa for Chinese Citizens

I would like to apply for a Turkey Visa to visit Turkey. I am a Chinese citizen. What do I need to do?  According to the website of the Turkish Embassy in Beijing, the requirements for a Turkish visa application are as follows:  -A completed and signed visa application form  -A passport valid for at least six months from the date of the application, with at least two blank pages  -A passport-sized (35mm x 45mm) color photo  -Proof of travel itinerary  -Proof of financial means  -Medical insurance valid for the entire duration of your stay in Turkey  -A letter of invitation, if applicable.

The Turkey Visa for Chinese Citizens allows its holders to visit Turkey for business, tourism or other purposes. The visa is valid for a period of 90 days from the date of issue. Turkey has a visa-free regime with China, which means that Chinese citizens can enter Turkey without a visa for a period of up to 30 days.

Turkey is a beautiful country with plenty to offer visitors. Getting a visa to visit Turkey is a simple process for Chinese citizens. All you need to do is follow these steps.

Applying for a Turkish visa can be a complicated and time-consuming process, especially for Chinese citizens. However, if you follow the proper steps and gather the required documents, it is possible to obtain a visa without too much difficulty. In this article, we will explain how to apply for a Turkish visa as a Chinese citizen.


Turkey has become an increasingly popular destination for Chinese travelers in recent years. In order to visit Turkey, Chinese citizens must obtain a visa in advance. The process of applying for a Turkish visa can be completed entirely online and takes only a few minutes to complete

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