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Tuko Super App: The Best App to Hire Tutors in Uganda

Tuko Super App

The era of door-to-door, pen-and-paper tuition classes is over. Online tutoring companies have taken the role of traditional tuition. The environment of education has rapidly and dramatically transformed. The current pandemic crisis has sped up what would have otherwise taken years: the adoption of digital improvements.

If you are yet to convince about how a Tuko Super App in Uganda can find you the best tutors, here’s the detailed run-down.

It Is The Most Convenient Method

The convenience of being able to connect with a variety of tutors from the comfort of your home is one of the most attractive benefits. It’s easy, all you have to do is download the app, register and login using your phone number and email id or social media credentials in few taps.

The app connects you with the tutors in your area. Moreover, you can filter it based on their ratings, fees, availability, experience, etc.

Tuko Super App – Find Tutors and Learn Anything

View nearby Tutors who are available and those who provide online tutoring at a glance. View tutors’ specialties, credentials, schedules, and fees. The in-app chat feature allows you to interact and book the session. You and the Tutor receive the best price because there are no commissions because the app is not an agency but acts as a marketplace connecting tutors with the users. When you’ve decided and are prepared to begin, just schedule a lesson.

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Get Tutors of Every Kind

Find a freelance tutor that can help you realise your full potential if you wish to learn modern or classical dance, play an instrument, prepare and cook delicious Italian food, code, or become a graphic designer. Of course, you can also locate private tutors who provide academic guidance at home and online.

Get Qualified Help From Experts

In a learning centre, you might be working more than one tutor. At times, they might not be even qualified tutors, or come from the private sector.

That’s when the app comes in. It has verified, certified tutors listed that is impossible to find it in person. You can check their credentials, experience and charges and book the session with them. Moreover you can ask for a demo session to get the better clarity about their work and schedule the classes accordingly.

Customized Lessons

One of the main benefits of getting tutors via app is the tutors will customize the learning according to your pace.

The lessons will be tailored by the tutor to the student’s pace, temperament, and interests. Personalized learning is not possible in the classroom. There is no individualised attention for a particular student or subject from professors in school because they teach all students at the same pace. For a student, private tutoring largely eliminated these issues. The individual is whether an adult or a kid is more comfortable and tend to show greater interest in learning when taught at their rate of the development. Depending on the needs and skills of students with learning problems like dyspraxia or dyslexia, tutors may pay more attention.

Transparency in the prices

The app has a thorough transparent system that ensures no such malpractices. You can rest assure about the fees that are affordable and can be paid using in-app payment modes. You can use Credit cards, Debit, Wallets or use COD to make the payments with ease.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, while the coronavirus pandemic has increased demand for private academic tutoring services. Since, schools were closed down for a longer time, the students lacked the understanding of the subjects since online classrooms were not so fruitful. Parents had that little option of choosing academic tutors as well as other tutors using the app.

Tuko Super App offers multiple services including tutoring services that you can take advantage of. Right from On-demand Taxi Booking to Groceries to Handyman services, pet sitters, babysitters, salon services and more can be found with the app.

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