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Trekking and Camping in Coorg



The untamed beauty of Coorg is never far from the mind’s eye while considering overnight camping close to Bangalore. Coorg, also known as the Scotland of India and noted for its coffee plantations, is a great place to spend a weekend if you want to go hiking, go on a safari, or just explore some of the neighbouring tourist attractions.

Coorg, which is surrounded by immaculate hills and stunning valleys, is well known for its entrancing, luxuriant coffee farms. Coorg, officially known as Kodagu and located in the state of Karnataka, takes pride in its deeply ingrained culture and connection to the natural world. This well-known hill station offers a retreat for photographers, thrill-seekers, and environment enthusiasts equally away from the bustle of busy cities. Unquestionably, camping in Coorg is one of the best methods to take part in these activities.

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Coorg is a stunning hill station

When travelling to this area, camping in Coorg is one of the best leisure activities to partake in because of the tranquil surroundings that remove you from the bustle of the city and bring you closer to the amazing natural world. Coorg is a stunning hill station that offers countless activities and exhilarating sporting excursions. Coorg is without a doubt the ideal option for you whether you’re seeking for a weekend of excitement or a fast getaway from your mundane existence. This hill station is home to 40 migratory species, which adds to its natural splendour.

The area is a great site for camping because of the verdant green paths. Coorg is frequently referred to as the Scotland of India due to its breathtaking natural beauty and abundant vegetation. Since Bangalore is only 250 kilometres away, the Coorg camping areas are convenient locations to visit and enjoy camping.

Western Ghats

It is famous for the Raja’s Seat, a straightforward monument that looks out over forests and rice farms. On the Eastern slopes of the Western Ghats, trekking and camping provide a window into the way of life there. While camping in Madikeri, it is simple to participate in a variety of activities like zip line, trekking, rappelling, jeep safari, and more. One of Coorg’s most picturesque camping locations, with a wide variety of coffee estates. You can visit many attractions in and around Madikeri while camping, including Madikeri Falls, Madikeri Fort, Abbey Falls, Raja’s Seat, and Mandalpatti.

When to Visit 

Winter, from October to February, when the temperature is 20°C, is the ideal time to travel to Coorg. Camping, hiking, trekking, and engaging in exciting activities can all make you fall in love. Even though Coorg’s calm beauty draws tourists all year long, winter is the greatest.

Due to Coorg’s proximity to Bangalore (255 km) and good connectivity to other cities like Mysore (118 km) and Mangalore, getting there is now doable (139 km). Neither an airport nor a train station are located in the district. Mysore is the closest railroad station and Mangalore is the closest airport to Coorg. Thus, using personal vehicles, cabs, or public transit is made simple.

To ensure that you have a fun and safe experience while participating in the activities in and around the Coorg, there are highly trained volunteers and travel agency staff on hand. You can now enjoy a weekend of unmatched calm and tranquility away from the grind of bustling cities. Your medical safety is also taken care of because the camps where you will stay are prepared for emergencies; they wouldn’t be interested in watching the dawn and sunset in the untamed tranquilly. In Coorg, there are two well-known locations for river rafting: “Dubare Elephant Camp” and “Barapole River,” which will be the ideal adventure to satisfy the adrenaline rush. Some of the treks and camping places are as follows:

Thadiyandamol Trek In Coorg

Even complete beginners are capable of completing the 8 kilometre Thadiyandamol trek. It’s rather simple and guarantees a pleasant view of the lovely surroundings. This hike is ideal for your family if they enjoy the outdoors. In terms of height, Thadiyandamol is third among Karnataka’s highest peaks. Prepare yourself to feel exhilarated as you climb to the top of 5,735 feet. When you arrive, make the most of the chance to see the breathtaking dawn from the peak by setting up a tent.

Kumara Parvatha Trek In Coorg

If you want to push yourself but are concerned that it might be too much, consider a two-day walk to Kumara Parvatha. It encourages adventure without making you gasp for air. The summit is tucked away within the grass-covered rainforest at a height of 5,617 feet. On both sides of the trip, there is a beautiful border of vegetation and fauna. You will always remember the hazy atmosphere and the magnificent scenery of the Western Ghats. Enjoy a casual campfire dinner with your family to cap off the evening. While on vacation with the family, trekking in Coorg is a genuinely magical experience that should not be missed.

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