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Tranquility Incontinence Products: Pros And Cons

Living with incontinence—the inability of the body to control the evacuative functions, including urination, defecation, or, briefly, partial or complete loss of bladder or bowel control— can be an absolute nightmare. Unfortunately, like all medical conditions, we may not choose our trouble, but fate often serves us what comes our way. According to the Global Forum on Incontinence (GFI), between 4% to 8% of the world population suffer from incontinence. This translates to almost 400 million people worldwide.

To help people living with incontinence, many companies have enlisted their products in the market. These are incontinent pads worn to protect people from the mess resulting from accidents, outbursts, and leakages. Aware of a growing supply in the market, it should be obvious not everything on offer can best suit your condition. Therefore, thorough market research is necessary to ensure you get exactly what you need from the many options begging our allegiance.

Among the most extensively used incontinence products are those provided by the Tranquility brand. Chances are high that when you go shopping for incontinent pads, you will find Tranquility incontinence pads on the shelves. If you settle for Tranquility incontinence pads, you may need to go ahead after understanding their advantages and disadvantages. 

So, what are the pros and cons of Tranquility incontinence products?

Pros of Tranquility incontinence products

  1. Designed for moderate levels of incontinence

Tranquility incontinence products are designed for moderate levels of incontinence (12.6 oz capacity for Super; 15.2 oz capacity for Ultimate; and 16.9 oz capacity for OverNight). You can choose what fits you well from the three levels on offer. It enhances your comfort and options, knowing you can find what will work best for different people. You should also know your size well to benefit more from the wide range offered.

              2. Moisture-proof backing

One challenge with incontinence is dealing with moisture that comes unexpectedly and can greatly slap one’s self-esteem. Very few of us can deal with embarrassment, especially in significant events, with friends, or simply with our loved ones and spouses. Tranquility incontinence products come with a moisture-proof backing that allows the incontinence pads to be worn in regular underwear. Anyone living with incontinence of any kind—fecal or urinal—will be excited about this.

             3. Customizable for men or women

The issue of gender is another challenge with most incontinence pads. Men and women have distinctive differences in anatomy and physique; thus, what works well for men may not do for women and vice versa. This is one of the problems that the Tranquility incontinence brand has sorted. They are customizable for men or women; to make them more ideal and ensure optimal placement, they have an adhesive strip on the back of the incontinence pad.

         4. Highly absorbent

Absorption could be the chief feature that anyone living with incontinence craves. For instance, in case of urinary incontinence, you will need to be dry for esteem and safety issues. Uric acid could destroy your skin and cause other health crises. 

Tranquility incontinence products are highly absorbent with gentle elastics and two embossed channels to direct fluids into the product. They are also unscented, fragrance-free, discrete, and latex-free for maximum comfort. 

       5. Peach Mat Guarantee

The health concerns of people with incontinence are another factor that needs great attention: the unpleasant odor, the unfavorable PH, and the possibility of bacterial growth and multiplication. Exceptionally for the Tranquility incontinence products, peach mat guarantee ensures skin dryness, reduces odor, neutralizes pH, and inhibits bacterial growth. This protects from the possibility of resultant and associated health problems. 

Cons of Tranquility incontinence products

  1. Hard settling on the wider range

While some people find the more comprehensive range and size to choose from a great advantage, this is a problem. The reason is simple: most people are not sure of their sizes and mostly use trial and error techniques to settle on their pads. Any mistake in deciding on size can be very annoying owing to the abrupt nature of incontinence and the challenges of looking for another. 

          2. Not interchangeable

This has to do with gender specificity. While the company is trying to provide gender-specific products, some customers have problems since it requires extra keenness. For instance, if a man mistakenly picks what is designed for the woman, it may not work well for them. While a complaint from a customer is valid, this, however, looks more like a shopping issue other than a product problem.

The challenges with non-interchangeableness also have to do with the use specific. What is designed for urinary incontinence may not help a person with bowel incontinence. This may be inconvenient for those with insufficient information on the same.


There are a lot of incontinence pads available for you in the market. You must research what best solves your problems and needs to find what works best. If you settle for Tranquility incontinence pads, you should still find it a necessity to understand the pros and cons of using them. You can get more real-life examples, consumer feedback, and reviews to help you with decision-making. Such comments can be found on the official websites of various incontinence products, online sales platforms like Amazon, and diaper distributors.

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