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Top Tips To Improve CTR of Your Website on Search Engines

Appearing among the first pages of Google results is a goal that many businesses share. And for this, they focus on SEO. However, what happens if despite being in the top positions, people don’t click on your content? You will not have visits and therefore, no conversions. To change this you need to improve your CTR.

What is CTR?

The CTR (Clickthrough rate) is the number of clicks that a given publication receives compared to its number of impressions. It is calculated as a percentage and is one of the most important metrics to measure the impact of a digital campaign.

One way to know the CTR of your blog or the articles you publish is by using the Google Search Console service.


Tips to improve the CTR of your website:

Improving CTR depends on several factors that, combined, can help you get a greater number of clicks. If you want to improve the CTR of your content, these recommendations will help you. 

Make sure the title is optimized

The ‘Title’ tag not only affects SEO but also improves the CTR of a page. Although it is not an easy task to find the balance between good SEO optimization and a good call to action. Also, it is important to try to optimize the title as much as possible.

To do this, you must pay attention to the characters. Although the limit is 65 characters, it is best not to reach this number and try to keep it between 45 and 50 characters. This way you will ensure that it does not get cut.


Take care of the focus of the titles

Do not underestimate the power of copywriting, since thanks to it your titles can be more attractive and therefore more clickable.

Among the most common suggestions are using exclamation points in a sentence, asking controversial questions with question marks, using hook words such as care or attention, adding the year, talking about mistakes that are made, or including the word ‘free’.


Improve the meta description

Meta descriptions do not affect the positioning of a page, but they do affect the CTR. That’s why you should pay attention to how you write them and what information you offer in them.

You can see this fragment as one more opportunity to convince your potential users to visit your website.


Optimize URLs

To improve the CTR of your website or your content, you can also optimize the URLs so that they have a better presence before users.

You can modify them to make them show the hierarchy that the website follows. Additionally, it is recommended that the URL you establish includes the keyword with which you want to position the page or content.


Improve SEO

It is proven that the pages that have a higher click-through rate are those that appear in the first four positions on the search results pages.

Therefore, if you want to improve your organic CTR on Google you need to work on all aspects of SEO.

Improving the CTR of your website is possible if you focus on the aspects we have talked about. Try making small changes and you will see how the click rate will improve. Contact us at Digital Specialist, our experts will help you improve the CTR of your website.

Ahsan Khan
Ahsan Khan
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