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Top Things You Should Do Before Considering Website Optimization

When it comes to website optimization, there are various things that service providers look after to successfully complete the process. These may include the usage of tools and advanced strategies like SEO or search engine optimization. 

Once the website is optimized, you can obtain the benefit of tapping into new markets without having to spend money on advertising. And even open doors for more conversion gains and revenue. However, you must know that optimizing a website isn’t a small thing. The process can take lots of working hours to complete successfully. 

Since the rewards of website optimization services are substantial, side-lining your efforts due to avoidable issues is the last thing you might want to experience. 

Below mentioned is a list of things you can do to prevent issues during and after website optimization.

1- Ensure to take a backup before changes get implemented 

Before you decide to implement the changes on your website, consider taking a backup. 

If you are using a third-party A/B testing tool for A/B test changes, then you may not require doing the same in the testing phase. But, if the test defeats the control, consider taking the backup first before making any changes live. 

In case you are using WordPress, plugins like UpdraftPlus can help with backup without any issue. If the CMS was developed in-house, use third-party solutions like Carbonite or Drop My Site for the backup needs.

2- Ensure to optimize the images 

Even though images add visual appeal to your website, they tend to be the heaviest thing on your webpage. The size of the images can have a huge impact on the loading speed of your website. 

So, next time you upload new images on your website, consider optimizing them. There are various tools available online that help optimize the images at scale. 

Also, try batching background images together instead of using small individual icons across the landing page. This way, you can minimize the HTTP requests that websites make due to visual elements present on the site. 

3- Improve page speed with CDN

Yet another effective thing you can do to offset the images’ loading speed is by hosting them through Content Delivery Network (CDN). 

CDN is nothing but a network of data centres located across the globe. They deliver the image and other media files to the user of your website through servers that are located nearby to their location. Using such a network can help you speed up the loading time significantly because the data will take very less time to travel the physical distance. 

The two most common and popular CDNs are Cloudflare and Amazon CloudFront. 

4- Test frequently and promptly 

Instead of finding the solution for everything at once, try ideating and setting up single-element tests based on the individual problems that you come across. This way, you can implement quick wins and obtain prompt positive ROI from your optimization efforts. And that too, in the short term while you are simultaneously working on long-term goals. 

The best thing about the single-element test is that you will know which individual change made an impact. 

5- Keep the audience in mind when writing 

Most brand owners are behind impressing the search engines. But they forget that even search engines are making regular algorithm updates to make things as engaging and satisfactory for the users. 

So, instead of focusing just on the search engines, try producing content that offers actual value to the people. 

Almost every website optimization service providers focus on finding a perfect balance between impressing the users and search engines so they can help clients prevent bounce rates, obtain better google rankings and boost the overall conversion rates. 

Over to you 

Website optimization is a crucial part of being successful in a digital realm. Don’t let a silly mistake snatch away your chance to experience endless opportunities. 

Use our blog as a guide to initiate and complete the website optimization process successfully.

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