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Top eLearning mobile app development services to grab potential market! 


Online education has made it possible for every user to consume content anytime & anywhere. Not only this, institutions use custom software to provide quality education to students. Additionally, an eLearning mobile app with flawless streaming, relevant features, & necessary study materials help better. 

In addition, the major factors that impact the functioning of eLearning software & scalability of Ed-tech brands. Entrepreneurs, by consulting their teams, adopt several practices to scale software’s performance. It majorly includes two factors, software development & marketing strategies. 

Both practices are independent of one another and require time to get positive outcomes in the long-run. The blog covers details of eLearning applications & necessary services that make it easier for entrepreneurs to scale their business. 

Major services & solutions provided by professionals to improve performance!

It must not be concluded that mentioned development solutions are evergreen and could be used in every eLearning mobile app:

a) AWS & value provided by its solutions

Amazon is a globally recognized platform that offers more than 200 services for SMBs. Among all, popular ones for streaming/ eLearning businesses are CloudFront, S3, Software development, & EC2. For Ed-tech brands providing content at users’ ease along with flawless streaming is important. Interestingly, AWS CloudFront provides a robust content delivery network that allows the eLearning app development process to be more productive. 

Similarly, storing content & data is required for flawless on-demand content availability. The consumers need quality study materials and resources for specific reasons, majorly to study & for exam preparations. AWS is helpful in allowing brands to provide quality development solutions.   

b) Content security measures- DRM & Watermarking

Digital rights management, short for DRM, is the one of the best services eLearning mobile app development company provides. It allows companies to secure digital content from unauthorized devices & users. 

It provides features like password protected keys so that at users end sign-ups can be done easily. Similar to it, watermarking is the second major that holds the ownership of the content from resharing, illegal consuming & reselling. 

c) Video Hosting Platform 

Similar to the mentioned ones, the product that provides security features along with the DRM support & AWS certified solutions, is the best that can secure the platform. 

The major advantage of products like VideoCrypt offers AWS solutions, Hosting services, DRM support. It is a product developed by AppSquadz, a leading eLearning mobile app development company with fifteen years of expertise & industry experience. 

d) Overall software development 

The last in the list comes is the overall software development along with adopting eLearning features. It covers cross-platform development frameworks, iOS, android, web applications development. To grab potential market & consumers, marketers adopt multiple practices and these are the major ones. 

An eLearning app development company with technical expertise & proficiency is the best solution. Clients get to create online presence on multiple operating systems that target a broader user base with filtered insights. Also, it helps users to access the platform without shifting to other devices.  

Advantages to hire eLearning app developers

Here are some of the major benefits professionals offer to eLearning brands:

1) Update user-interface with quality features

Technical updates in the eLearning mobile app by considering business requirements improve software performance. Moreover, it is feasible for brands to handle user data because of the adoption of AWS cloud services. With improved features, adoption of relevant services in the application, eLearning brand gains more users with a boosted time span. 

2) Engaged users 

Similar to the above one, when Ed-tech brands provide top-notch features to educators, students, & institutions, they engage with the brand productively. Moreover, it is helpful for targeted audiences to get quality educational content on time and at their ease. In the long run, these services gain potential market and help shoot up the revenues & subscribers. 

3) Capture market 

The renowned eLearning mobile app development company helps Ed-tech brands to capture potential markets. Once the educational app is updated with quality services, they capture the audience. Also, it helps them to target premium/ related content effectively. 

4) Opportunity to pivot

Last in the list is possible opportunities to grow. With improved user retention rates, higher conversions boosted subscriptions, & higher engagement rates, Ed-tech brands get higher revenues in the long run. It allows them to tap the untapped market. For instance, they might enter an offline coaching institution. Although, not every business would do so, as it depends on their niches & functionalities. 

Final Thoughts

There are several practices adopted by marketers to improve eLearning mobile app for quality & real-time solutions. Some entrepreneurs hire software development companies or freelancers. However, a specific product like VideoCrypt that brings a one-stop solution is very effective. As it covers hosting services, AWS cloud solutions, & DRM support. Also, it is developed by a leading Ed-tech app development company, AppSquadz which has a proven work record and brand value in the market.

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