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Top Benefits of an Intranet Software

What is an intranet?

You may have asked yourself, “What is an intranet?” There are many misconceptions about their surrounding intranet, so let’s first outline what it actually means.

When used correctly, it promotes communication, collaboration, and optimal employee performance. This serves a wide range of purposes and uses, but generally speaking, intranets are used for employee involvement and support.

Employees can typically use this internal network to:

  • Connect to each other
  • Collaboration in the project
  • send a message
  • Share the document
  • Access policy and company updates
  • Request vacation etc.

Key benefits of intranets

Better connectivity

Apps or tools are designed to meet almost every need that employees face in the workplace. The Best Intranet Software brings them all together in one central location, enabling a digital workspace. Since 76% of office workers do not want to return to the office full-time after a pandemic, implementing technology that facilitates communication lines and connections is essential to guaranteeing future business.

Knowledge sharing

The centralized document location and chat capabilities built into the social hub make intranets a perfect way to share inter-departmental and inter-departmental knowledge across the organization. Social hubs also increase the visibility of professionals and leaders within an organization, facilitate connections with a wider range of businesses, and create a funnel of knowledge.

Reduce paper usage

Environmental sustainability is currently high on many business agendas, according to a Lloyds Banking survey, and 44% of business owners believe that more environmental sustainability is important to the future of their business. increase. Intranets can greatly help businesses reduce paper waste with digital copying. Not only does this improve your business’s carbon emissions, but it also saves you on paper and ink spend.

Improved connectivity over distance

From a purely logistical point of view, Agilityportal.io intranets are great for keeping long-distance colleagues in a loop. Collaboration on one central hub is much easier for other multilocation teams working on the same project, as remote workers can access the intranet from a distance. The intranet links different offices across different time zones. More importantly, make sure that non-office-based employees feel like part of their business as employees at headquarters.

Strengthen your brand and values

Agilityportal.io Intranets provide many ways to keep your company at the forefront. An intranet allows you to publicly recognize the diligence of your employees and the values ​​of your company. Oak’s timeline feature also allows you to share news articles and announcements related to your organization’s values. Your company’s intranet is essential, but you need to choose the best intranet for your business.

Provide an organization

An intranet with a clear and dynamic organization clarifies the shape and setting of the company. Other intranet features, such as individual backgrounds and profiles, add a layer to this clarity and help employees understand their individual roles and responsibilities throughout the business.

The two staff profiles show contact details such as emails and phone numbers.

Improve corporate culture

The intranet promotes a shared culture through news feeds, social hubs, and recognition tools. These tools can contribute to the corporate culture by demonstrating leadership and vice versa. Oak’s hub is a great way to communicate your company’s vision, but it can also be tailored based on employee feedback from Pulse surveys.

Improve employee productivity

Research shows that collaborative teams perform five times better than non-collaboration teams, so it’s important to provide employees with tools to break down geographic, time-limited, and information barriers. These issues can be fixed by centrally accessing information and communication tools such as chat and departmental community hubs built into the intranet.

Streamline the process

Inefficient processes can cost up to 26% of employees’ working days, and one of the factors behind them is outdated technology. An efficient document management process ensures employees manageable workloads and eliminates the need to cut corners to meet deadlines. Oak is designed to help employees find what they need instantly, saving time and increasing productivity.

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