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 Top 8 Escape Room Tips to Winning an Escape Room Game 

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These days who doesn’t know about the escape game craze, right? Escape room games are a booming industry that is slowly changing the dynamic of the gaming industry as well as the entertainment industry. Currently, there are more than 50,000 escape rooms spread across the world.  

Escape room games are essentially puzzle games where players form a group and voluntarily lock themselves in a themed locked room. Each escape room offers themes like horror, mystery, thriller, etc. The X in Shanghai, The Room Berlin, and Hourglass Escapes in Seatle are a few of the famous themed escape rooms out there. After entering the themed room, the players would have to figure out riddles and solve the puzzles in order to escape the room. There is usually a stipulated time limit by which the escape must be made. The players may also have to complete certain room-related tasks as well. The escape teams are usually formed between 2 to 10 people and the time limit is usually 60 minutes. Of course, there are exceptions. 

Top 8 Escape Room Tips & Hints for Winning the Game 

Escape room games are not difficult if you get the hang of them. But if you are new to escape room games or want to polish your skills, we have you covered. 

  1. Assemble your team 

The first tip for an escape room is obviously focused on forming your team. If you want to beat the escape room puzzles in time, you must assemble your team with care. Make sure you do not have too many or very few players on your team. 

  1. Listen to the Game Master 

The game master will be in charge of introducing the game to you. Listen to them well cause understanding the game will help navigate it better. The tasks will be easy to complete as long as you sincerely play the game. Pro tip: Believe the game master when they tell you not to waste time in a particular place or particular information provided in the scenario. 

  1. Memorize the room layout 

Memorize the room layout and plan your escape room strategy according to the layout. Familiarize yourself with every nook and cranny of the room so you can focus your search on valid places. This will help save time. 

  1. Divide the tasks 

After memorizing the room’s layout, you must move on to the planning half of your strategy. You must identify the tasks you have to attempt and divide the tasks amongst yourself. Divide the team between seekers and solvers. This will help organize the team better. 

  1. Organize the tasks 

Organizing well is also an important aspect of an escape game situation. You should keep track of your mission and tick them off the box when the missions are completed. Keep an inventory of all the items recovered or all the puzzles solved. Keep a list of clues and the places that have already been covered as well. 

  1. Communicate well 

An escape room game is a team-building exercise. You must have good chemistry with your teammates to become successful in the game. This is why everyone must communicate well and share information within themselves. This will help avoid confusion and the spread of misinformation. A healthy communication channel inside the team will also help boost the team spirit. 

  1. Ask for hints 

Escape room games offer the option of hints. You can always ask for hints if your team is stuck with some problems. You can provide a sign towards the surveillance camera inside the locked room, and the game master will immediately get back to you with hints. Sometimes the hints are provided only after certain conditions are met, so read the rules carefully. Make sure to focus on the hints given. Understand the hints well so that you do not waste your chance. 

  1. Follow Occam’s Razor principle

Lastly, following the principle of Occam’s Razor is always advised by seasoned escape room players. Occam’s Razor is a principle that suggests that the most obvious answer is always the correct answer. This is not always true, but this principle helps cut through all the useless hesitations in a time-sensitive situation. Often the clues will be hidden in plain sight, and the red herrings will be designed only to divert your attention. So, always go with your instinct and play the game well. 


Escape room games are best enjoyed when you focus on having fun instead of just trying to win. But good strategic planning and a good partnership between teammates will make the game fun and help you win the game. So, why not try out these 8 tips that will help you win the next escape room game of your choice! 

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