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Top 7 cryptocurrencies to power up your crypto investment portfolio

The crypto market has taken a dip and there could not be a better time to make crypto investments. You can buy high-roller cryptos at a budget price now and sell them off later at a higher price. You might be feeling apprehensive to invest in crypto at this moment given the recent catastrophic crash; however, the majority of experts have stated that the crypto market is currently in a correction phase right now and will be entering a bullish phase by the end of the year. If analysts and their predictions are to be believed, the crypto market will grow by 5 folds by 2030-2032. Some of the major cryptocurrencies too are poised to rise by the end of the year. Read here more about the crypto trading market at Multibank.io.

Bottom line is, if you are planning for crypto investments, start looking for the right cryptocurrencies that would be compatible with your investment goals. To make things easier for you, here is a list of top cryptocurrencies that are predicted to provide inspiring returns on crypto investments.


Whether you are aiming for big or small crypto investments, you must start with Bitcoin. The king of crypto boasts the largest market share in the crypto market and also commands high liquidity. It’s the most trusted crypto among both institutional and retail investors. A bunch of top corporations have already converted a lump sum amount of physical assets into Bitcoin. Being the #1 crypto, BTC is also more stable compared to many other cryptos. Although, the #1 Crypto has plummeted and going low lately, experts have projected that the coin holds potential to reach $100,000 by the end of 2022.

Contrary to popular opinion, you don’t always need to shell out a small fortune to make crypto investments in Bitcoin. It’s because you don’t need to buy 1 whole BTC for making crypto investments in BTC- the coin is highly divisible and even a fraction of it will offer high ROI when the price will surge.


The second largest crypto is a top favorite for high roller crypto investments this year. ETH holds the second biggest crypto market share in the crypto world- also the coin reached ATH last year. But, that’s not the only reason why investors are lining up to make crypto investments in ETH this year. The truth is, the Ethereum blockchain is poised to switch to PoS blockchain with the upcoming Merge upgrade. The upgrade will resolve multiple problems currently experienced by the Ethereum blockchain, such as high congestion, low TPS, high energy consumption, and high gas fees. According to experts, ETH price is estimated to rise by 400% by the end quarter of 2022.

Binance Coin

This is another coin that you must study when you are looking for high potential coins for crypto investments.

Binance has replaced Ripple to rise up to the 3rd position of the top 10 crypto list. The native coin of the largest crypto exchange took the crypto world by storm by surging to a whopping $683 last year in May from $38 in the early quarter of 2021. As of now, Binance Coin is hovering around $300.82- by the end of the year, the coin is predicted to reach around $498. Added to being a high potential coin for ROI-driven crypto investments, Binance Coin offers the privilege of discounted fees on its native exchange.


When it comes to finding the best coins for powerful crypto investments, always look for coins that carry an ambitious roadmap. It means that the coin is working towards continuous development that would invariably surge up the prices in near future. Cardano is one such dynamic coin that will be worth your crypto investments.

The coin already scaled up its functionality last year with a hard fork. This year, the Cardano project is poised for further improvements with the upcoming Vasil and Hydra upgrades. The Hydra upgrade is especially believed to be a strong game-changer as it will enhance throughput and reduce latency.

Cardano is estimated to reach $0.66- $0.80 by the end of this year. The current price of the coin is $0.52.


Backed by leading crypto exchanges, Polygon has earned quite a fame as a robust chain for infrastructure development and scaling of Ethereum blockchain. Put simply, Polygon brings in a Layer-2 solution that has expanded the Ether blockchain into a cutting-edge multi-chain system.

A major reason why Polygon is considered to be one of the major crypto investments is its cutting-edge Polygon zkEVM. The Polygon zkEVM is being dubbed as the FIRST-ever scaling solution that is equivalent to Ethereum and works conveniently with all kinds of smart contracts available today. The Polygon platform currently houses around 19,000 dApps.

If you are aiming for crypto investments with low entry points, Cardano will be a great pick for you. The current price of the coin is around $0.89 – the coin is expected to rise to $2.66 by the end of 2022.


Avalanche stands out as one of the highly prospective crypto investments with its innovative 3-layered blockchain platform. The major benefit of the multi-layered blockchain structure is independent validation of transactions that invariably amps up the TPS speed- and also reduces congestion issues. Avalanche assures a solid volume of 6,500 TPS- a key reason behind its surging popularity among major crypto investments.

Avalanche, which is currently moving around $17, is expected to reach up to $25 by the end quarter of 2022.


Dogecoin is a meme coin and is generally not preferred for crypto investments. But, sometimes you have to look beyond the traditional structure and accept things that work differently. It’s true the coins like DOGE are not driven by a real-life purpose and have mostly been created by hype. But, you also can’t forget that DOGE is backed by the biggest crypto influencer and one of the most esteemed thought leaders of the world. His every move creates huge speculation about Dogecoin and often drives up the coin price. If you are looking for short-term crypto investments, Dogecoin is the coin for you. The current price of Digecoin is around $0.67- the coin is expected to touch $0.30 by the final lap of 2022.

So, you have quite a list for crypto investments this year. The list will work for both pro and novice investors aiming for powerful crypto investments. Just make sure to sign up with a reliable exchange to ensure a safe trading and investing experience.

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