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Top 7 Best Phone Systems For Small Business Phone Systems In 2022

As you have a small business phone system, you need to know in the first place how much your phone bill costs. You’ll also want to consider how many employees you have and how many of them might be using the system at once. These factors will all play a role in determining a better small business phone system, so let’s look at some of the most popular options available today.
Small Business Phone Systems Sydney

Top 7 Best Small Business Phone Systems

1. Google Voice

  • Google Voice uses your current number. It’s free and easy to use.
  • Google Voice provides many services small businesses can use.
  • Businesses can receive up to three different numbers from the same V phone, which is beneficial if you have multiple locations or staff who need phones.
  • You can smoothly route calls, texts, and voicemails to other numbers while out of town or after hours.
  • You can add call recording, so all your interactions are recorded for legal or customer service requirements.

2. Nextiva Office

Nextiva Office is a cloud-based phone system with plenty of features to make your business communications more efficient. You can get unlimited calling and free mobile apps, voicemail transcription, call recording, and more with Nextiva Office.

Nextiva Office also offers a free trial, so you can test out all of its features before deciding whether or not it’s right for your Business.

3. Grasshopper

Grasshopper offers a free trial and a free basic package. Grasshopper’s UI is user-friendly. However, some functionality requires their desktop version (available on Mac OS and Windows).

Grasshopper is a reasonable choice for small businesses searching for unlimited calling, voicemail, and conference calls.

4. Ooma

Ooma offers unlimited local and long-distance calls in the US. It’s easy to set up and use, allowing you to make calls from your computer or phone. One package should suffice for most firms just starting. Still, suppose you intend to hire more than ten people the following year. In that case, you may want to acquire an extra package.

5. Vonage

Vonage is the VoIP phone systems provider that offers small businesses several options for the new and best small business phone system for their needs. They have everything from their small business phone system to more advanced solutions like hosted PBX and cloud-based virtual phone systems.

Vonage also has multiple features to make your business more efficient, such as:

  • Free trial
  • Toll-free numbers are available in every area code.
  • Unlimited calling in the US & Canada with no long-distance charges

6. Jive Hosted VoIP

Jive Hosted VoIP is a cloud-based phone system that connects your Business to the cloud. As such, it’s an option for small and large businesses and businesses with multiple locations.

Jive Hosted VoIP can be used on any device and offers features like call center support and call recording. It also integrates with third-party apps like Salesforce, Google Calendar, and Slack.

7. ONSIP for Businesses

SIP is a cloud-based phone system that allows you to manage your Business from anywhere. It’s a hosted VoIP phone system and an affordable solution for companies of all sizes. ONSIP offers flexible plans with unlimited calling, low monthly costs, and easy installation. 24/7 support is also available every time.

8. Dialpad

Dialpad is a cloud-based phone system for small businesses. You may start using it right away on Android and iOS.

Dialpad offers call recording, call transfer, call queues, voicemail transcription, and more. Dialpad’s mobile app makes it easier for remote-staff firms to stay connected. It’s like having an office extension in your pocket.
Small Business Phone Systems Sydney

9. Fuze

Fuze for Business can accommodate 100 users. It’s straightforward to use and set up, so you won’t require help with your small business phone systems.

Fuze for Business also features an intuitive user interface that makes it simple for staff to learn how they may utilize the system and how they can communicate with clients over the phone. It integrates other apps so employees may access them from their phones. It’s not only upgradable but scalable at the same time.


With all of these options, it’s easy to see why so many small businesses are switching to a VoIP system. The flexibility and reliability offered by these systems make them an invaluable tool in any business owner’s arsenal.

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