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Top 5 Upgradable Weapons in Black Ops Origin

The Ice Staff is one of the best staffs in the game, as it freezes zombies and breaks them to pieces. Its base version can block a zombie’s escape route, but the upgraded version has a charged attack and causes a massive blizzard. This weapon is perfect for high-round allying, and it’s an excellent camp spot support weapon.

Ray Gun

One of the top weapons in Black Ops is the Ray Gun. It is a dual-wield gun that fires a ray that penetrates and slows zombies. This gun is more powerful than most weapons and has a high rate of fire. It can also be upgraded to use a double-tap for more effectiveness. It is a great weapon to have if you need to take down zombies quickly.

Another great upgradeable weapon is the Wonder Weapon. The DG-2/DG-3 is a German creation and has become a fan favorite. It has a cool visual style, cool sounds, and a devastating range. It can even destroy entire trains. It has been the subject of many fan-made replicas over the years. Its resemblance to the real-life Ray Gun also makes it an entertaining twist on a classic weapon.

ice staff upgrade code

The Ice Staff upgrade code is a new weapon that is available to use in Black Ops 4. The new weapon can be used to send a freezing blast to enemies. It is especially effective against Panzersoldats. It can also be used with the d-pad, which gives the player the power to spin and shoot downed teammates, instantly reviving them.

The Ice Staff can be used to obliterate three gravestones, and it can be used to take out enemies as a conventional weapon. However, the player must be quick and accurate in order to complete the mission successfully. Once the objective is completed, the player must return to safety. During the mission, the player will have to visit an excavation site, which looks like a giant hole in the ground. The site has large machines and metal supports around the perimeter. It is muddy and busy, and it looks like there are people working there.

Ray Gun Mark ll

The Ray Gun Mark ll is one of the most powerful weapons in the game. It can kill zombies with a single hit and can be upgraded to be more powerful. It can be upgraded by adding more ammo, but there are some restrictions. Getting it from a Mystery Box is not easy.

The JOKR is another powerful weapon in the game. It is very powerful and can knock back hordes of zombies, but doesn’t carry much ammo. It’s best used against an enemy with a large group. It doesn’t make many points, but it is incredibly powerful.

It can also be upgraded by adding attachments. The attachments come with different pro and con lists. As you upgrade, you will gain more XP. With more XP, you can get new attachments, perks, and camo for your gun. Choosing the best weapon is crucial, so don’t forget to read its stats.


If you want to be more effective in Black Ops Origin, you should upgrade your Galil sniper rifle. It is a very powerful weapon with a high damage output. If you use it in close quarters, it can easily take down enemy operators with just a single shot. This weapon also has a high rate of fire and low recoil. It can pierce three sets of armor.

Another weapon that you can upgrade is your MP40 submachine gun. It is one of the most effective weapons you can upgrade. It has a high rate of fire, and it can be upgraded with upgraded ammo. It also has a high round capacity, which means it is an excellent choice for making quick points.


HAMR is a light machine gun, which appears in the Black ops II and Strike Team games. Once you complete the mission “Cordis Die”, you can equip HAMR on your character. It is used by the Yemeni army, and has a high rate of fire with 937 rounds per minute. It is also a quick weapon to reload, and kicks while bursting. It can be unlocked at level 37.

The HAMR can be upgraded with a variety of different parts. For example, you can use an FMJ magazine to increase the hamr’s penetration power. This will make it one of the deadliest weapons when firing through objects. While this weapon is not as accurate as the Mk 48, it has a high initial fire rate and good damage output. It can make short work of enemies, even through moderately thick surfaces.

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