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Top 5 NFT games you need to check out in 2022

If you have been staying abreast with social media trends, then you must familiar with the NFT top games that are trending. Non-Fungible Tokens have made the center of topic on the social media. So now you must be inquisitive in exploring these NFT games. 

In case you are a gamer and are interested in doing investment in NFTs, then these games make a perfect way to incorporate your two interests. With that being said, the making of NFT games is not similar. Today in this article, we are going to list down the biggest NFT games that you can consider in 2022. But first, let us know the working of NFT games. 

Know the working of NFT games

NFT games apply a blend of both non-traditional and traditional gaming tools, which mainly revolve around NFTs. These games include NFTs not merely for game tools but the rules and interaction among players. As an example, the items find in-game can be the non-fungible tokens that are being collected by you. Swapping of the NFTs with other players also becomes possible. 

To earn extra income, NFT games are the best to be played. The reason is that the more you play them for long hours, the more it raises the chances of your income increase, plus being rewarded with tokens. 

Top 5 NFT games you should be playing in 2022

As mentioned above, you won’t be finding similarities in all the NFT games. They come in a variety of styles and genres. This indeed can make any gaming buff puzzled about choosing any of them. In short, your personal preference matters here. 

Where some NFT games are play-to-earn, others will be the usual game to play. So do make up your mind which you want to go for. Well, let us help in finding you the best NFT games to make your choices easier. 

The Walking Dead: Empires

Just like American television series, this NFT game is also popular among gaming fans. And why not after all it is inspired by the TV series The Walking Dead. In this blockchain-powered multi-player game, players can make a team for survival by going through tasks like combating rivals, indulging in fights with back walkers, creating new abodes, and scavenging for supplies. Like in the television show, players can show their dominance and can lead a team of allies or vow their loyalty to someone with immense strength. In this game, players can earn rewards with multiple activities in their territory. This includes fighting, eliminating, selling, and buying. 

Gods Unchained

Coming up next is God’s Unchained. It is a trading card NFT game that is based on the play-to-earn model. Well, it is a free-to-play game where players get full ownership of their in-game items. This means they are free to use their cards, sell, or trade according to their will. In the beginning, the new entrant players get 140 free cards, so that they can manage how to play the game. Every card comes with its own special powers based on a set, tribe, rarity, mana cost, and god. 


For all dog lovers, this comes as an interesting game where players can go for the adoption of a virtual pet or Dogami. Players can nurture them for gaining adulthood by unlocking their potential. They are also at the advantage of training, customizing, and building unique traits. These Dogami NFTs come in three hundred dog breeds with each unique trait. This will make you feel like having a real-life pet dog. 


Splinterlands also comes as another NFT game similar to Gods Unchained in being an NFT card game making players earn via playing the game. But there is a difference between the two of them. In the case of Splinterlands, you need to have your card pack to begin gameplay. Each card comes with its own experience, ability, stat, level, mana cost, and Splinter/rarity. Some cards let storing your health again, lessen speed, do double damage, and lots more. 

Axie Infinity

Last on the list is Axie Infinity. It is also regarded as one of the best NFT games gaining traffic of players of around 2.8 million approximately. This is a play-to-earn game that lets players earn the AXS tokens if they play the game. Players can begin the game by buying 3 digital pets called Axies. They can be raised to create generations of these creatures. 

A brief about NFTs

Before we proceed with our main subject, let us have a brief overview of NFTs or non-fungible tokens for those who are not familiar with them. These are the added data to a file creating a special signature. They range from text posted on a website, a song, an image file, a physical item, a tweet, or several other digital formats. 

This indicates owning a digital file marked with a specific code that sets it apart from other digital replicas. The CEO and founder of Dux Cripto, Luiz Octavio who have experience working on the development of non-fungible tokens, call the technology a form of decentralized certification. 

Difference between NFTs and collectible cards

So now you know that NFTs provide an advantage to people in having ownership over their digital items. But what makes them distinctive from usual collective cards? Let us know about it. 

  • The main difference between collectible cards and NFTs is where former are physical items, the latter come in digital forms. 
  • It all depends upon what people are interested in doing the payment. Based on that there are changes in the value. The same is applicable in the case of NFTs.
  • Collective cards come with a specific security provision via unique paper, hidden elements, and holographic stickers. In the case of NFTs, there is an addition of unique data to a digital work. 
  • Collective cards can be quickly traded, given to anyone, or can be purchased. On the contrary, NFTs can also be traded, purchased, or sold to anyone but online. However, the trade and unique data will be checked by a network of computers. 

Are there any risks involved in NFT investment?

Like cryptocurrencies, people also find it important to know whether there are any possible risks in doing investment in NFTs. Well, the answer to this is yes. Like cryptos and real estate, NFT investors can face risks if the items fail to sustain their value. 

Numerous NFT sales are having a million dollars worth in total value traded every day. Well, some non-fungible tokens can reach millions, but most of them fail to reach even $200. The decrease in the popularity of NFTs can make token holders stuck or if people lose interest in purchasing them. 

Ahsan Khan
Ahsan Khan
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