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Top 5 Luxury Localities in Calgary

Calgary is one of the most affordable cities to live in Canada. However, even after that fact being quite conspicuous, it also consists of some luxury.

Due to some of the best city infrastructure, connection with nature and strategic location, Calgary is preferred by many people. This makes it a favourite for some, who prefer living their lives in luxury.

To cater to the demands of luxury-seeking customers, there are some of the most luxurious localities in Calgary, with spectacular views, the best of the amenities and a lot more.

Here’s a list of the top 5 luxury localities in Calgary where you can have your next luxury home built in Calgary.

1. Britannia

Located right on the lush and green banks of the Elbow River, Britannia has been the choice for many prospective luxury homeowners in Calgary. Britannia has several streets named after the famous streets of the United Kingdom.

With views of the Rocky Mountains and the river valley, the average price for a luxury home in Britannia, Calgary ranges around $2.6 million. With all the amenities such as restaurants, nightclubs and sports complexes in the vicinity, it sets the right tone for the users.

2. Eagle Ridge

Lying right over a peninsula in the Glenmore Reservoir, Earl Ridge is another affluent neighbourhood in Calgary. The average price range in Earl Ridge stands around $1.1 million and can go up to $2 million.

To its advantage, the locality has Rockyview General Hospital and Heritage Park Historical Village in proximity. Moreover, nature enthusiasts can make good use of the locality’s nearby bike paths, hiking trails and boat docks.

3. Roxboro

Roxboro is yet another luxury locality in Calgary that features on our list. It is bounded by the Elbow River to the north and west.

The greenery and tranquil streets make it one of Calgary's most peaceful luxury localities. Residents have access to parks, recreational facilities and shopping complexes.

The average price of luxury homes in Roxboro, Calgary is somewhere around $1.4 million.

4. St Andrews Heights

St Andrews Heights locality in Calgary comes with its own sweet combination of strategic location and luxury homes. St Andrews Heights started as a golf course. It is located right near the Trans Canada Highway and bounded by Bow River.

It is a small community with just over 1,500 homes, giving a sense of exclusivity and luxury to its homeowners.

5. Parkdale

Parkdale is a mature and luxurious neighbourhood in Calgary, Alberta. It is bound by Bow River on the north bank. Much of Parkdale’s real estate consists of renovated housing since it's an old community.

However, in recent years there have been new developments taking place.

The average price for a property is $850,000.

Conclusion: Looking for a luxury home builder in Calgary?

When it comes to a luxury locality, what matters the most is one’s own home. While a luxury locality in Calgary will give the right place, it’s the right luxury home that will make a difference to an experience.

Getting a luxury home built can be a hectic task. But not with RareBuilt Homes, Calgary. The RareBuilt homes are the ones which promise unmatched quality and experience of decades from its large team.

What adds to the overall value of RareBuilt Homes is the fact that you get an additional home warranty ranging from 1 year to up to 10 years.

Are you looking forward to getting your new luxury home built?

Get in touch with RareBuilt Homes today, and experience the ease of luxury homemaking.

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