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 Top 5 Companies Review for Australia | Domain Name Registration

A domain name is a crucial feature of creating a website. It includes the website name and name of the extension, and domain name registration refers to registering this extension name for a specific time. i.e., companies offer a domain name for one year usually and keep renewing it until you want. After that, for as long as you pay, you are the owner of the domain name ending in “.com,” “.au,” “.cn,” “.ae,” etc. Additionally, you can set up formal emails using your business domain name, such as employee.

Why you need to register a domain in Australia

If your business in Australia wants to attract local traffic, registering your domain name in Melbourne is best.

A specific domain name gives your website recognition and uniqueness. Although your visitors can access your website with internet protocols (IP), being in numbers, it takes time to memorise. On the other hand, a domain name is easy to remember.

A creative domain name makes your website marketable and helps you to communicate your brand vision with the audience. Moreover, websites with a customised domain name look more professional and credible. With relevant keywords, it will positively impact your website’s Search Engine Optimization and increase the web ranking. So, for local SEO ranking in Australia, registering your website domain name in Australia is essential.

Whether you sell your products online or not, it gives a tech-savvy and forward-thinking look which is critical for your reputation in the market.

Top companies you can get your domain name registration in Melbourne.

Now we will review the top 5 companies that are feasible to register a domain name in Australia.


Navicosoft Australia is one of Melbourne’s leading companies that provide domain name registration. With 4000 trusted clients, Navicosoft is the best domain Registrar in Australia for cheap domain name registration in Australia. It offers a bundle of services at an economical cost, i.e., customised email, sub-domains and high-level security. Its easily manageable domain name gives you domain renewal notifications, transfers and billing conveniences. In addition, it helps you configure real-time DNS records with its reliable and robust DNS hosting worldwide. Customers have ranked it 4.8 for its premium services and technical support, and TrustPilot gives it a 4.5-star ranking.

Namecheap Domain Name Registration

Name cheap is another outstanding domain name registration service provider in Australia. It intends to deliver a high standard with economical prices to build a customer-focused atmosphere. It provides good security with low-cost security certificates like premium DNS, VPN, etc., and professional email ids. The overall customer rating is 4.5 for its services and support.


GoDaddy is one of the well-known names in Domain Name Registration. It provides free privacy protection, a simple domain setup, and real-time performance assurance monitoring. Even for beginners, you can get your domain with the slightest technical knowledge and skills here. The only negative point for GoDaddy is the expensive domain name registration. However, customers have given GoDaddy a ranking of 4 stars for overall services and customer support. At the same time, Trustpilot stands for 4.7 stars.


Domain.com has been a trusted domain registrar in Australia for about two decades.Domain.com is famous for its speed and reliability; moreover, domain transfer is easy. It offers domain name registration for a low cost with 435 ccTLDs. In addition, it gives your website security with WHOIS and produces official email addresses for your employees. But privacy is considered an add-on service; however, its 24/7 technical support is worth appreciating. The customer review ranks Domain.com as 4.3-stars.

Bluehost Domain Name Registration

It is the best choice for beginners, as Bluehost gives you a free domain with web hosting for the first year. It believes in 24/7 domain support, while WHOIS protection is not included in the service bundle; you have to pay for it. In addition, it offers you a 30-day money-back guarantee. The overall rating of Bluehost is 4.2.


In this digital era, Domain name registration is mandatory to present your business online in Australia. However, more than a domain name is needed to achieve the business goals; quality service and customer support are needed. To avail of a cheap name registration experience, Navicosoft is the only Optimum choice.


Ahsan Khan
Ahsan Khan
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