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Top 5 Bits of Advice to Conquer Kraft Packaging Cost

Many factors include the increase of a product cost to the company. Higher prices may decrease your sales and slab of potential buyers. Product pricing is an art to increase sales of your product. So, you may reduce your revenue with the wrong pricing structure. It would be a great idea to hire come professional to boost your sales.

Packaging plays a significant role in any business. Attractive yet cheap packaging is a desire for any business owner. Companies want to increase the quality of packaging and decrease the investment. Every business owner loves Kraft because of its wide range of design techniques. Besides, Kraft comes from natural products and is biodegradable.

In this blog, we are going to share some of the popular techniques to reduce packaging costs. When you successfully mitigate packaging costs, you are automatically increasing revenue. In addition, you can recycle kraft packaging many times before dumping it into the ground.

Let us discuss some of the brilliant ideas to decrease packaging costs and boost product revenue.

No More Heavy Packaging:

Try to make little lighter packaging for your products. You can use fewer layers of kraft paper or cardboard to make a box. More lightweight packaging is necessary in many cases. People love to carry light yet strong packaging around. Kraft is built with solid wood pulp that why it is more robust than any other packaging solution.

For example, if you are selling bakery cakes, a rigid box is not a good option. Rigid boxes cost a lot and need extra wrapping to look better. For a cake box, people need to carry around for the party or birthday. Making a lighter yet robust kraft packaging can decrease packaging costs for your products. Get some professional packaging advice to tweak packaging grade levels.

If you sell products with plastic or tin packaging, then move to lighter boxes like rigid boxes.

Play with Packaging Size:

You may not feel the difference of size that is just a few millimeters bigger. However, while producing packaging in bulk, a minor size tweak can bring you the best results. The exact size box also brings better safety for the products. The product fits perfectly inside a box and cannot move around to get damaged. In addition, we can reassemble packaging in a new way to decrease packaging material for your products.

Finally, if you are printing larger graphics, then reducing the size may also decrease printing costs. In addition, the smaller size of the box carries less storage space and requires less area to store. The lighter and smaller size of packaging can decrease shipping costs. Less shipping cost means higher revenue for your business.

Use Recycles Paperboards:

You can use less expensive consumer recycled paperboard for your packaging. This paperboard decreases raw material cost by up to 50%. Try to use 100% recycled paperboard for the main structure of the box.

You can wrap up paperboard with beautiful Kraft paper to get the striking print result. When you use a standard size of thickness for packaging, it requires fewer modifications. Fewer modifications are directly related to the cost of product packaging. You can get a standard size of paperboard from box manufacturers in bulk.

Select Coating Wisely:

There are many coating and printing options available in the market. If you select, you can increase or decrease packaging costs with coating. The coating seals the printing inks on the blank paperboard. There are many coating techniques. One of the most common coating techniques that are famous is aqueous coating. This coating comes as standard with the packaging of the box. Many of you may not be aware that you can select many coating techniques for your packaging.

You can choose a wide range of coatings like a glossy finish, matt, or soft-touch coating. In addition, you can select a velvety feel or smooth finishing for your packaging. There is a remarkable difference in the pricing of these coating techniques. You can change or tweak these coating techniques to increase or decrease packaging costs. Coating techniques are a little expensive, but it is best to facelift your brand appearance.

Die Cut Design Techniques:

Packaging is an excellent way to attract buyers to your product. For example, you can select a sharp die-cut window rather than other expensive solutions. Kraft paperboard can handle die-cutting windows for your product box. In addition, Kraft is rigid enough to hold attractive styling using different window styles in the box.

Window cutting is the best option if your end product is beautiful. It will be a good idea to show buyers your beautiful product using the die-cut technique. A die is a tool that companies use to create a window in the box. You can hire many professionals to get different design ideas for die-cutting.

Foil Stamping:

Foil stamping or debossing embossing techniques are widely used for high-end products. High valued products are printed attractively, young foil stamping or embossing styling. If you are selling premium products like jewelry, then these techniques are necessary for your products. However, for a bakery business, foil stamping or embossing is not a good idea. Do you know that you can select a specific area for foil stamping or embossing?

Use this method wisely to make particular areas of your products prominent. For example, you can use embossing for your logo only to give it a premium look. Foil stamping costs for every inch on your packaging so, use this option wisely. The same goes with the embossing or debossing, or raised ink procedure. Again, select specific areas of your product packaging to get raised or prominent.

Final Words:

There are hundreds of other ways to reduce cost using packaging methodologies. However, we have shared some of the most common and efficient techniques with you. We don’t want to bore you with more reading material in this blog.

You can always welcome to ask any question regarding other methods. There are many professionals like online printing companies who can help you in this field. They are experts in their domain can save you a lot of cost for your packaging. They can suggest you design according to your product needs. Visit their website and have an idea of how they work and create the best packaging.

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