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Top 5 Best Ways to Download Private Youtube Videos 2022

You can easily download YouTube private videos with the help of different toosl and websites. Download Private YouTube Videos using the following options.

1. Use the Firefox Add-on option to download private YouTube videos.

Make use of Firefox add-on YouTube and Audio Downloader. This is the only Chrome extension available in the Chrome web store that allows downloading YouTube videos. 

 A set of Steps to follow:

  • Open the Firefox browser, upload YouTube and watch the video to be downloaded.
  • Choose the YouTube Video and Audio Downloader (WebEx) add-on icon. 
  • You can select the quality of the video from the drop-down list. You should only choose the options file size (720p) before downloading the video. Other options are not compatible to download.

2. Use ByClick downloader to download YouTube videos.

ByClick downloader is also called YouTube By Click. It is a highly dedicated tool used to download YouTube videos with better performance. It helps you to download videos from Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and many other social media channels.

  • Choose the option on the YouTube videos under the account tab. 
  • You have to copy you are of YouTube video and submit it. The program will choose the video automatically and will be downloaded it.

3. Use Allavsoft to download YouTube video

Allavsoft is one of the popular media downloader programs which is compatible and both windows and Mac. Download Private Youtube Videos and save videos in AVI, MOV, MP4, and many other formats.

  • Download the media downloader Allavsoft.
  • Open the YouTube, start playing the video and copy it.
  • Paste the copied URL in Allavsoft.
  • Video will be downloaded in the highest quality by default. you have an option to select the format of the video before downloading.
  • You need to enter your YouTube account details for verification.

4. Download YouTube videos on Android or iOS.

The open-source program youtube-dl will be useful while downloading YouTube videos. This tool is highly compatible with the popular mobile OS Android and iOS.

  • To download youtube-dl, you have to download and install the free app named Termux from Google Play Store.
  • Open Termux using the following commands 



 pkg install python -y

 pip install -upgrade youtube-dl

  • Specify the URL of the YouTube video to be downloaded in the following command

 youtube -dl [YouTube URL] -u[your account] -p[paasword]

Video can be successfully downloaded and saved. For iOS users, make use of free sll A-shellnto run youtube-dl on iOS.

5. Download YouTube videos using DumpMedia Video Downloader.

DumpMedia Video Downloader is a third-party software application that is highly professional to use. It can download videos as well as audio files also. it also allows you to change the resolution of a set of videos by choosing a single option.

  • Launch the DumpMedia Video Downloader App.
  • Paste the URL of the YouTube video to be downloaded and click on Analyze.
  • Select the output format of the video as per your requirement. 
  • Video will get downloaded in the specified format download option.

Download Private Youtube Videos with the help of these five different ways and save the videos in specified formats.

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