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Top 4 Ways to Optimize Laboratories and Scientific Workspaces

Just like any other business, laboratories and scientific workspaces want to find ways to optimize their productivity and efficiency. Being able to keep up with competition and changes in the industry is crucial to the overall success of any lab environment.

Optimizing your laboratory furniture, equipment, and design in a way that increases positive workflow, comfort, sustainability, and safety should be a top priority for any lab updates to be done. Here are the top four ways to optimize laboratories and scientific workspaces for maximum output.

Create a Productive Laboratory Work Environment

Laboratories should be set up in a way that creates the most efficient workflow possible. Strategic placement of laboratory furniture helps to create useful work zones and eliminates bottlenecks of traffic so lab personnel can easily get from one place to another without overcrowding. When thinking about increasing productivity in a laboratory environment, consider how flexible the furniture configuration is. Laboratory uses and goals change over time, and being able to quickly change the arrangement of furniture to meet your current needs is ideal. Having the option to rearrange laboratory furniture also allows you to create additional space and storage capacity if necessary, and also lets you easily repair and maintain the furniture and other lab equipment.

Use Ergonomic Design to Increase Comfort and Productivity in the Laboratory

Ergonomic laboratory furniture design is crucial for the overall comfort and productivity of your lab. Furniture that provides the proper support helps to eliminate stress injuries due to repetitive motions. It also helps decrease fatigue when working in the laboratory, and prevents back, neck, shoulder, wrist, and other pain associated with the workplace. Using ergonomically designed lab furniture increases productivity by eliminating these common roadblocks so your personnel can work in comfort and ease.

Importance of Sustainability in Laboratory Updates

Sustainability is top-of-mind for every industry. As businesses seek ways to become more sustainable, laboratories can update their equipment and furniture in a better effort to go green. Easy ways to upgrade your laboratory’s sustainability effort are to provide a recycling program that’s safe for materials to be disposed of, choose lab furniture that’s made of sustainable materials such as bamboo or timber, or opt for furniture that was made directly from recycled materials. Knowing how your laboratory furniture gets to you is equally important, and choosing furniture that’s delivered in a way that reduces carbon emissions is key.

Safety is Everyone’s Priority with Laboratory Updates

Regardless of the laboratory updates you do, safety is a top priority. Choose laboratory furniture that meets strict industry standards to ensure your personnel are safe at work. If there are any electrical components necessary, make sure that they are manufactured to their own industry standards such as having a UL listing. Regardless of the design and aesthetic choice of the newly updated laboratory furniture, making sure that every piece meets safety standards is critical for ensuring a safe working environment.

Updating your laboratory workspace for productivity, comfort, sustainability, and safety are important considerations when choosing new furniture and equipment. Creating a positive work environment for your laboratory is the biggest goal that will ultimately lead to your lab’s success.

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