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Top 4 Ways To Increase Conversions Using PPC Advertising


Paid advertising is one of the most effective ways to drive more leads. But one has to be very careful about how to use this tool. Most advertisers pay for specific campaigns that target a wider audience and use keywords that are not specific to their audience. In such a case, they generate leads that aren’t even related to their services. Thus, these campaigns waste a lot of money for the advertisers, leading to a low ROI. Here are the four things that lead to more conversions using paid advertising:

Understanding the use of keywords

Keywords optimize your ad campaigns to a great extent. But the choice of the right keywords is what makes the difference. First, you need to identify what keywords suit best to your service. A keyword that doesn’t match your service is drowning your money. “Branded” keywords and “long-tail” keywords can solve your purpose. Branded keywords include your company’s name or website URLs like Amazon or Amazon.com, which is a direct navigation to your website. Long-tail keywords like “sony wireless headphones” or “waterproof digital watches” are extended keywords that are more likely to match what the user searches. They also indicate that the searcher is willing to hire or buy. As soon as you find a long-tail keyword that arouses your interest, click on it to analyze what your competitors are up to, both for paid ads and organic search, and then finalize your keywords.

These are a few examples of free keyword research tools:

  • Ubersuggest
  • Keyword tracker
  • Wordstream
  •  LSIGraph keyword generator 
  • Wordtracker Scout
  • Alexa’s Site Overview tool
  • Qualaroo

Create an ad structure

Decide the source and categories of your ads. This will help you segment your campaigns and focus on fulfilling every client’s need. For instance, display ads or banner ads effectively target customers who aren’t aware of your business. It’s a kind of indirect approach to the people surfing the internet. 

You can list your ads on the:

Google Ads: Google Ads are the first choice for a business. They display ads about highly targeted keywords.

Social Media Ads: Social media is a widely used platform these days. You can run your ad campaigns on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter based on user demographics.

Bing or Yahoo: They are similar to Google and are trusted sites for advertising. You can also use it for your ad campaigns and choose your target audience.

Sephora’s Instagram account with their ad campaigns:

For example, the ad campaigns for Sephora can be further categorized into:

Campaign #1: Face Products

Ad Group #1: Foundation

Ad Group #2: Primer

Ad Group #3: Contour

Ad Group #4: Moisturizer

Campaign #2: Eye Products

Ad Group #1: Eyeliner

Ad Group #2: Eye shadow

Ad Group #3: Eye gel

Ad Group #4: Eye Serum

Planning your ad campaigns helps create apt and targeted ads with your Google ad categories.

Optimize your campaigns:

To improve your PPC campaign, you need to optimize it from time to time. If you want lower cost-per-clicks, you must create a high-quality score for your ads. Improve your content, place the right keywords and optimize your landing pages if you want a good score. Keep a check on which landing pages are giving more conversions and which aren’t. Add suitable keywords and remove the negative keywords, for example, “free.” Such a keyword limits your website appearance on the SERP when one searches for something not containing “free” as the keyword. Try not to use high-paid keywords. Use them only if they are giving you excellent conversions. Finally, make your landing page in such a way that it follows the following criteria:

  • It has subtle colors in the background.
  • A page that has more CTAs throughout the page.
  • An offer that immediately persuades the visitor to click.

Review the results of your ad campaigns

When reviewing your ad campaigns, the word Google Analytics comes up. You need to track your campaigns. Otherwise, there’s no point in paying money for them. Google Analytics doesn’t cost anything and can analyze a lot of data simultaneously. The custom campaigns of Google Analytics allow you to create a customized URL for every ad you run and check the overall performance of your advertisements. 

It gives you the analysis based on the following parameters:

  • Real-time
  • Audience
  • Acquisition
  • Behavior
  • Conversions

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