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Top 4 My Crypto Heroes Clone Script Features

Despite the fact that the cryptocurrency industry is in a bear market, market analysts have noted that a significant amount of funding is still going into blockchain gaming. This demonstrates unequivocally that even in the current down market, NFT games like My Crypto Heroes and other crypto games will experience growth. The most crucial question, though, is which blockchain will appeal to gamers.

Which blockchain will be selected to become the GameFi Blockchain?

There are currently dozens of blockchains for smart contracts, and even more Layer-2 scaling options. All of these are making an effort to appeal to GameFi’s crypto audience. The blockchain gaming industries’ natural inclination seems to be toward:

1) Fastest blockchain technologies 

2) Some of the largest communities are found on blockchains

However, it is a truth that these biggest and fastest community blockchains are not always secure. Ethereum will still be the preferred smart contract platform for RPG Game Development Service combat games like My Crypto Heroes because of this.

Now that you know that Ethereum will be the long-term choice for blockchain gamers and you want to build a play-to-earn game, the shortest and the most cost-effective way is to go for a My Crypto Heroes Clone Script.

What are the top 4 characteristics of a script for a game clone?

The clone script must assist you in launching an RPG (Role Playing Game) on the Ethereum blockchain, just like the My Crypto Heroes game.

 Players must be able to gather and train heroes within the game with the help of the clone script. However, the clone script must possess the top features listed below in order to stand out from the crowd of competitors:

1) Multi-mode video games

Players must have access to at least two different gameplay modes in the main game:

  • Environment versus Player mode –

The heroes are thrown into dungeons in PvE mode in NFT games like My Crypto Heroes. In the dungeons, the players can discover and gather uncommon objects and experience points.

 In order to advance in the game, players can use both uncommon items and experience points.

  • Player versus Player

PvP, or player versus player, is another type of gaming mode. In the game, users can trade their possessions and collectibles and compete against one another in tournaments. 

A wallet programme must be included in the game for trading in-game items or tokens. There are two categories of extensions.

2) Leveled rare NFTs

The script is created during the development of the NFT game to enable players to acquire or acquire NFTs of various rarity levels. 

It is the Heroes in the case of My Crypto Heroes, and there can only be a total of 200 heroes. The rarity of these heroes can vary, and this variation affects both the price of NFTs and the player’s powerplay levels.

 Although the My Crypto Characters clone is fully customisable, the game’s heroes come in four different rarity levels.

Extensions and lands are additional NFT types that may be present in the clone script. Lands are places inside the gaming environment that players must either acquire or defend during conflicts in PvE and PvP mode, whilst extensions are the weapons in the game. 

There are various types of rarity levels for both the extension and the lands. Within the game or in OpenSea, players can trade their heroes, extensions, and lands.

3) Ingenious NFTs

Creative gamers can create custom hero skins using My Crypto Heroes. Then, the players can either make inventive tournament entries or sell these skins.

4) The Pay to Win component

The play-to-earn (P2E) component of any blockchain game is crucial. Players are able to make money while enjoying the games thanks to the My Crypto Heroes Clone Script. The script makes it possible in some ways, including: Comparison of various blockchain nodes API provider on the market today

  • To find or unlock uncommon things, the players can take part in quests.
  • Then, they can use OpenSea or in-game to sell these products for ETH.
  • The script makes it possible for gamers to engage in online combat in games. They could gain access to Extensions that could be exchanged for ETH on secondary markets.
  • The gamers can create personalized skins and sell them in the art markets.

Aside from this, the game script’s other distinctive elements include the fact that gas is not required to play and that players have access to free Heroes, making it a free-to-play game.

Finishing it off

The Cubix blockchain gaming industry is one of the largest and most competitive. You can advertise your idea more earlier than your rivals by selecting the clone solutions created by Cubix. such as the My Crypto Heroes clone scripts. BlackRock To Take Over Cryptocurrency

Additionally, our blockchain experience guarantees that you provide your users with a secure gaming environment.

Request a free trial by getting in touch with our subject matter experts!

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