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Top 3 Mobile Advertising Strategies You Should Know

Mobile advertising revenue surpassed desktop revenue in recent years for the first-ever time. The gap has continued to grow ever since.

Mobile phones, smartwatches, and tablets are becoming more important to consumers. The way consumers do things has changed significantly in recent years.

Consumers spend as much as 80% of their time online using a mobile device today. Marketers have had to adapt and change quickly in response.

What strategies should advertisers be looking for? These are the most popular mobile advertising strategies.


Gamification is one of the most common ways to advertise mobile. You may have seen those game ads that you can click on to see the objective of the game. This is one of many effective ways to get potential customers via mobile phones.

Why? They attract and grab consumers’ attention. With modern software and digital solutions, you can create effective ads that encourage consumers to interact with them.

This strategy is becoming more popular and will continue to grow in popularity.

Integration of social media networks

Social media is the best place to reach your target audience with over 4.8 billion active users. These tools are often used for banners, but promotions and the ability to post content to social media platforms can be as effective as these tools.

Nearly 75% of respondents confirmed that they had purchased something via their social media networks.

In-app purchases are a market leader in Instagram, TikTok, and Snapchat. With your mobile ad, they allow users to purchase directly from the platform where they interact. But do you know how much to advertise on Instagram?

Instagram has made it the most popular platform for E-Commerce Ads. It allows full shopping integration right from your posts.

Experts expect other platforms to follow my lead and there will be more integrations and seamless shopping experiences for consumers.

Mobile advertising incentives

You may have seen the popups offering a percent discount when you sign up for a newsletter. These popups appear almost immediately after you visit a website, blog post, or page. They have an odd effect on consumers.

Businesses can generate leads by offering a discount for signing up for their newsletter.

It’s enough to get visitors to their site to discover a way to redeem the discount. Visitors become customers. Automation makes it easy to set up, but will still lead to solid leads.


Mobile advertising offers a direct approach but also gives the customer more value. To attract new customers, you can use interactive ads and incentives to reward the customer for their time.

Mobile advertising will continue to grow as digital and social media become more integral parts of our everyday lives.

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