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Tips To Grow Your Followers As Fashion Content Creators

While Instagram has been the key platform for fashion content creators, with time, many social media platforms work for fashion influencers. However, Instagram remains the favorite not only among the influencers in fashion but the followers too. One of the main reasons that Instagram has been the favorite is because it is an image-based platform. It caters to beautiful and unique photos that can be scrolled with long enough captions to keep the audience captivated. Understanding the demand of the followers and the importance of the influencers, Instagram took a step to improve the experience of the followers with shoppable posts.

The success of Instagram and, for that matter, fashion influencers is based on increasing the number of followers. Without engaging the followers and organic growth, neither the social media platforms, even Instagram, nor an influencer’s viability is anything. While social media platforms are increasing tools and methods for getting more followers with the help of influencers, the onus is on the influencers to bring in the followers. For many fashion influencers understanding and developing a successful strategy to grow their followers can be challenging. It becomes more so when social media platforms’ algorithms change continuously.

But don’t fret. We offer you a few tips on growing your followers and fashion content creators.

Tip 1: Creating Eye Catching and Unique Content  

Most of the audience on social media platforms are enticed by the visuals of content before they go into the details. It is more so for fashion followers. Hence for any fashion influencer, it is a must to create content that has scroll-stopping images with high-quality pictures that will resonate with the followers and the target audience. Since most fashion accounts have beautiful and stunning photos, you must ensure the ones you post are unique to your style and cater to your follower’s liking.

To attract your followers to stay with your content instead of just posting the final pictures of a fashion shoot, why not share some behind-the-scenes images and footage on your stories and feed? Show the non-glamourous side of the fashion shoot, which will help the audience to connect with you. They will follow you because the followers will know the hard work that goes into the job while seeing you as one of them.

Also, remember to take pictures with backgrounds where your outfit will stand out.

Tip 2: Don’t Copy Others

When you want to increase your followers as a fashion influencer, you have to ask yourself one question, why would the audience follow you and not the others? It means you have to offer something unique that is quintessentially you, and no one else offers that to the audience. The best way to ensure that is to be yourself with the audience and create your own style and fashion. If you are copying someone else, it means you are not only inauthentic, but you are not offering anything new to the audience.

Start sharing your story, for instance, what drew you to fashion and why you find dressing in a certain way or using certain brands more critical than others. All these will make your account relatable and help connect with the audience, who will become your followers.

Tip 3: Mix The Photos

Since being relatable is the crux of improving the number of followers, you need to create an online presence where the audience can see you as part of their community. Any fashion influencer needs to post high-quality perfect photos. But if you are planning to build a personal brand and engage your audience, mix these high-quality photos with raw, real ones. Younger Instagram users who are conscious gravitate toward unedited and unfiltered pictures. They want to get a glimpse into the candid, real you. Stories – on Instagram are gaining more traction, which follows the #AerielReal concept, which uses less professional images for the content. Most followers want to see the in-the-moment images captured by smartphones without the lighting and the touch-ups.

Tip 4: Develop A Theme

Creating a theme for your account as a fashion influencer will benefit your audience and you. Themes help in making decisions easy for you and your followers. It creates a niche audience and helps in creating a brand. Based on the theme, the followers and the audience can easily associate you and your posts when they scroll through the feed. Those who get interested can go through the gird, find the theme, and if it appeals, making a choice to follow you or buy your recommended products becomes easy for them.  

As a fashion influencer, it also helps keep your fashion statement cohesive and gives a quick snapshot into your style. Apart from all these, when you are debating whether to post a set of outfits for your next installment of content, you can go back to the theme to decide whether it will fit into the structure.

Tip 5: Using The Hashtag

Instagram’s hashtag is a great tool to elevate your posts in the searches. Most social media platforms now allow using up to 30 hashtags for a single post. Using the right 30 hashtags means upping your chance of reaching the ideal audience by 30.

But remember to use it strategically. While you use the popular ones, you must mix them with the less-popular hashtags to reach the niche audience.

When you follow these tips as a fashion influencer, you can quickly increase your following.

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