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Tips To Get Perfectly Painted Nails 

The perfect at-home manicure is elusive and seemingly unattainable. There are times when you are stuck in the house, but your nails do need attending to. Doing manicures yourself can be a lot of spills, dents, and glop, but that ends now. Giving yourself a professional-looking manicure at home is not the easiest thing to do, yet still achievable. With every new trend billed as a game changer, you will likely be behind the times on what is trending. 

The trend sweeping across Instagram is BIAB (builder in a bottle) polish. You would be said to have done a BIAB manicure if you used this polish rather than gel or acrylic. The gist behind  biab nails lies in the type of polish you use. Biab is the brainchild of The Gel Bottle. The nail lacquer brand developed this nail polish to strengthen your nails and give them structure so they grow without breaking. That’s because BIAB is a form of gel polish that maintains luster but with a more substantial base that covers your nails and keeps them strong as they grow. 

Learning how to do your nails is one of the skills you just have to master. For starters, it will save you the time you would have spent at the salon. It also saves you money because, as you might know, getting your nails done by a pro can be quite pricey. So here are the tips you need for a salon-worthy BIAB manicure done DIY style. 

  1. Use Cuticle Oil 

Cuticle oil has the effect of moisturizing your skin even before you start with the manicure. It’s the kind of oil to make your homemade manicure look professional. Cuticle oil softens your cuticles and makes your manicure look professional. You don’t have to worry about getting branded cuticle oil if you don’t have it because coconut or olive oil does the trick. Massage several drops around your nails, instantly rejuvenating your nails even before applying any polish. You could do without the full manicure if you apply cuticle oil right. 

  1. Start with Polish Remover 

To get your pro manicure right, you must spend more time prepping than applying nail polish. Start your manicure with proper nail polish removal. It leaves your nails free to do as you want. You don’t need to have nail polish on to use the remover. You clean your nails with remover because you don’t have to deal with any dirt or oils that could spoil your manicure. 

Source: Pixabay 

  1. Buff Your Nails to Add Glimmer 

You’re more likely to skip this step than do it. The oils you use to cure your cuticles can build up to create a residue that will ruin your manicure. Think of buffing as brushing your teeth; it brightens your polish and removes ridges to make your nails look professionally done. 

  1. Use Dry Time to Add Glamor 

Want to add some shine to your nails? Chrome or glitter on your nails would look amazing. To get it right, apply the top coat and holographic or chrome nail powder as it dries. The best way to do this is to apply the nail powder with a foam eyeshadow applicator. Let it dry completely, then add a second layer of top coat, and you will have a complete, shiny manicure. 

Source: Pixabay 

  1. Don’t Forget About the Base Coat 

This is one of those steps that you dare not miss. A base coat has the effect of hydrating your nails and keeping them from chipping. To do your nails like a pro, we suggest you wait two minutes before applying a new coat. Start with the base coat and work your way to the topcoat. The key to longer-lasting manicures that look awesome is letting your nail polish dry well without rushing things. 

  1. Use Eyeliner Brushes as Erasers 

This is one of those nail hacks most people don’t know about. Take a flat liner brush and dip it in the remover. Use this on your fingers and swipe around the cuticle area once you apply your nail polish. This gives you the flawless finish you are looking for. It’s easy to get rid of the polish that gets on your skin as you apply it without ruining your nails. The upside is that you get that classy finish that makes your manicure look professional. 

Source: Pixabay 

  1. Apply White Polish as the Primer 

Using white polish as the primer is the way to get bright colors to pop. Apply two coats of polish before you apply the color of polish you want. There is an endless range of colors to choose from when it comes to polish color, but this is the thing to make your nails stand out. With white polish as the primer, your nail polish color appears brighter with more saturation. 

  1. Simplicity is Key 

The pros will tell you that you don’t need to do much to make your nails look glamorous. You could forego all the extra stuff and still make a statement with your manicure. Whether you like deep reds, creamy pastels, or earthy tones that blend well with your skin, the key is to keep it simple. You are better off not doing too much than putting all the bells and whistles to it and doing it wrong. 

Final Word 

Doing your manicure can be a headache, but it’s supposed to be fun. Getting to the top coat should be easy now with our handy tips to get you doing your nails better. Use cuticle oil daily to keep your nails healthy and hydrated. It also helps keep your manicure looking fresh for longer. 

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