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Tips to Ensure Your Home Remains Free From Pests

As the weather is going hot with each passing day it’s crucial to take preventive measures against pest infestation. The reason is that they are uninvited guests of summer and the entry of a single pest can give birth to a massive pest infestation. Therefore, taking measures to block their entry into or around your house is the best practice ever. Along with DIY projects, hiring the services of professional pest control in Surrey BC is an effective way to keep these mess creators away from your home. 

Pests are minute creatures that can cause serious damage to your home, health, and even repute. The reason is that pests contain the poisonous chemical in their saliva and stinging glands that can cause swelling, redness, allergy, and some serious diseases such as malaria, dengue, asthma, stomachache, influenza, and many more. Some pests are so dangerous that they prove to be fatal for humans and other living organisms. 

To prevent them away from your house, and workplace some simple but crucial tips are listed here. 

Examine and Block Their Entry Points 

The best way to keep pests away is to not provide them access to your place. Therefore, the very first step that can help you to prevent pest infestation is the blocking of possible entry points. Pests can get entry into your place through the following ways.

• From door and open windows

• Through door holes or crevices 

• Through the wall and roof crevices

• Through debris 

• Indoor plants are also a welcoming source for pests

• Through broken water pipes

Carefully examine your house or workplace from all sides and notice the existence of all the above-mentioned spots. If found, make sure to seal them permanently. 

Cleaning and Hygiene Maintenance 

Poor cleaning is an open invitation for pests. The reason is that a dirty or unclean place is enriched with food, water, and shelter sources for insects. Therefore, maintaining hygienic conditions and keeping the environment clean is the best practice to hinder the entry of pests into your place. 

• Regular cleaning of all the house or workplace is crucial. Remove all the dust from walls, windows, and all the other households. Wash or mop the floor with a strong detergent. 

• Keep your kitchen clean and ensure the covering of dust bins. 

• Clean all the tables or desktops in the cleaning area right after eating or drinking. Avoid keeping the food or drinks open

• Store food in airtight jars

• Cleaning the yard is also important. Cutting and trimming trees, or  bushes eliminate the risk of hidden infestation

Fix the Issue of  Water and Drainage System

Stagnant water bodies are an open invitation to pests and diseases. Moreover, they also spoil the environment by producing bad smells. Moreover, the poor drainage system is also a major source of health damage and pest infestation that can lead to serious illness issues. Therefore, it’s crucial to deal with all the problems of the water or drainage system effectively. 

Examine and repair all the broken pipes to prevent leakage or mixing of portable water with dirty water. 

Make sure to remove all the water bodies and keep shady areas dry or clean. It helps you to prevent the entry and reproduction of pests. The reason is that pests prefer to lay eggs in a humid environment.  

Garden Maintenance

Attractive trees, plants, and shades of the garden are home to pests. The reason is that pests are attracted to flowers for the nectar collection. Moreover, plants also provide them with plenty of food, water, and shelter resources. However, proper cleaning of the garden and trimming trees can reduce the chance of pest infestation. Moreover, the weekly or monthly spray of pesticides can also eliminate the risk of pest infestation. 

Mostly, wasps are found in gardens. Tackling with them on your own can be risky. Thus, you should only hire wasp control services for this purpose.

Hire Professional Pest Control Services 

In case, pests get entry into your house by any means, then hiring professional services is an effective and economic choice. Various professional pest exterminators are providing their services in Surrey or other areas of Canada for wasps, hornet, and ant control at reasonable prices. They use safe and environment-friendly methods to ensure 100% disinfestation.


Care is always better than cure. Therefore, it’s crucial to follow the above-mentioned tips and keep these unwanted guests away from your place. 

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