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Tips to Deodorize Smelly Sump Pump

Your sump pumps in the basement will smell bad if they are not maintained properly. Here is the list of 7 proven ways and tips to avoid bad smells by deodorizing them.

Do Periodic Sump Pump maintenance Works

Signing an alternative maintenance contract is the best for any homeowner with a basement floor. They will check your sump pit and clean debris clear clogged pipes, drains and outlets on the ground floor. Most often, others call a sump pump service provider before the rain starts or when they are found not working. 

Cover the Sump Pump Pit

You might buy online the best sump pump. Yet, your sump pump installer might not cover the sump pit. It will pull debris and dust, which will cause moulds and fungus inside the pit. They will emit a bad smell when the algae and fungus emit their bad smell. The natural way to deodorize your sump pump is to cover the sump pump pit with the right size lid. It is advisable to clean the basin and pit before you place a permanent cover.

Check Plumbing Issues

Your sump pump has many pipes and fixtures to avoid flood water and keep your basement dry during the rain. Your sump pump in the basement will be ideal for many months. The water stagnant in the pipes will emit a bad smell later. It is advisable to call a plumber and flush them out by pouring some water into the pit. It will clear clogged pipe issues and empty the pipe.

Use Sump Pump Deodorizers

Homeowners are advised to use sump pump odour tablets and flush out the pipes. You can do it yourself by putting the tablets in the sump pit and pouring sufficient water. Your sump pump will start functioning, pulling up the water dissolved with the sump pump odour remover tablets.

Use Bleach and Vinegar

Clean your sump pump basin with bleach or vinegar when they smell bad. You can also use fragrant-based cleaners such that your sump pump will emit a good smell when they are ideal.

Fill the Cracks

Your sump pump pit might have cracks from where a bad smell emits due to stagnant water. Checking and sealing the cracks with construction sealant or cement is advisable. The bad smell must not come after fixing them.

Use Pests Control in the Basement

Your sump pump pit is the best home for small insects. They will emit a bad smell if they are dead and present for a long time inside the pit. Thus, use pest control devices to trap small insects.


I hope you are satisfied by reading our 7 proven ways to deodorize smelly sump pumps. Follow these simple tips and live healthy on the basement floors.

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