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Tips to choose the best pre-school in Ahmedabad for your child 

One of the most crucial life decisions you will ever make is whether to enrol your child in pre-school. It is the first step in helping your child create the ideal educational and career path.

Therefore, it is crucial to adequately prepare your child so that they are ready on the first day of pre-school and don’t throw any temper tantrums.

The pre-school activities assist your child in developing self-assured, intelligent individuals who are prepared to take on the world and give their all in both their academic and personal lives.

It’s common for parents to have inquiries concerning pre-school in admissions lingering in their minds. The mere thought of your child attending school without you may cause you to get anxious. What else might your child do if he isn’t toilet trained?

Or what would your child do if their parents weren’t home? As long as you’re determined to parent pre-schoolers before their big day, feeling apprehensive is acceptable.

Here is a comprehensive guide with helpful advice on how to get your child ready for pre school in Ahmedabad, Gujarat and help them be the best pre-schoolers. Let’s get going.

Tips on getting your child ready for pre-school

  1. Discuss with your child

The first step is to sit down with your kid and discuss the significant change that will soon take place. Inform children of the enjoyable pre-school preparation activities, the new classmates and friends they will meet, as well as what a pre-schools in Gujarat atmosphere is like.

In order to prevent anxiety on your child’s first day of school, it is advised that you talk to them about what to expect in the coming months.

  1. Control sleep patterns

A consistent sleep schedule must be established. Your kid should be well-prepared in preparation, and you should encourage them to make an early bedtime and early rising habit. At this young age, your child needs a solid 10 to 11 hours of sleep, plus a 2-hour daytime nap.

A child takes time to acclimatise but is quick to mould. Therefore, fix their sleeping patterns at least two months before starting pre-school.

  1. A stable morning routine

A man becomes wealthy, wise, and healthy by going to bed and waking up early. When we were young children, we all heard it. Right? It is more than just a phrase, and it aids in the creation of an excellent habit.

Help your child establish a regular morning routine that includes getting dressed, taking a shower, saying a prayer, eating breakfast, and performing other duties. You may also teach your child about daily routines like exercising and meditating because these are excellent items to include on a “getting ready for pre-school” checklist. 

  1. The Importance of Reading

Start reading to your toddler as part of your child’s bedtime ritual as soon as possible. Starting sooner is preferable.

It is beneficial to encourage your child’s love of reading and to support them in developing their reading preferences, a strong vocabulary, and a wealth of knowledge that will serve them well throughout their life. Never undervalue the impact of literature, and read a book to your child before bed.

  1. Think and analyze each day

Focusing on your child’s full day every night is the best thing you can do for them. Discuss their day’s events and highlight what worked best for them. To teach kids the skill of self-introspection from an early age, ask them about both the positive and the unpleasant parts of the day. As a result, your child’s behaviour problems will be resolved, and it will also enable them to remain composed and wise during the rest of the day.

You can even decide to offer them a piece of advice each night to implement the following day. Children enjoy adopting new patterns.

  1. . Pretend plays

To help your child get ready for preschool, introduce him to the idea of pretend play. You could start attending classes, playing with kids, hanging your backpack, or doing your homework in a classroom. Pretend plays are the best tools for teaching children.

You can educate your child on fundamental social skills, read stories to them, or play various games with them. To facilitate easier enactment and better pre-school preparation, use toys, puppets, and props.

  1. Master Self-Help Techniques

Develop the habit of teaching your child how to take care of themselves, such as washing their hands, putting on their shoes, using the restroom, backing up, sharpening their pencils, or packing their food in their backpacks. Your child’s life will be better and more orderly the more self-help techniques you educate them.

  1. Go to the Pre-school

It is advised that you take your child to the pre-school once so you may introduce them to the teacher. Meet with the pre-school teachers in advance to discuss while you are in their classes. Talk to your child about the various enjoyable activities that occur in class and how students learn there.


Global Indian International School is the top pre-school in Ahmedabad for preparing your child for the best preschool activities. The top teachers are employed there to promote your child’s exceptional learning talents and to engage them in enjoyable activities that motivate them to attend class every day.

Global Indian International School is the greatest option for you and your child if you are a parent who has been concerned about how to prepare your child for pre-school in Gujarat.  

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