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Tips that help you to increase Instagram followers in 2022

The number of followers on Instagram is not just a number, but the size of your online community. Thus, growing your Instagram followers can help boost sales or turn you into an influencer.

In this guide, we will share 14 relevant ways to increase the audience in your account without cheating followers on Instagram.

1. Use Instagram Reels

If you’re not already using Reels to grow your Instagram followers, you’re missing out on a big opportunity.

Reels – short videos on Instagram – are still one of the most effective ways to attract a new audience to the application.

Unlike most other Instagram features, Reels feed viewers are offered interesting content from both users they follow and users they don’t follow yet.

This means that Reel videos can easily go far beyond the subscriber list and go viral, which will help increase your visibility and gain more subscribers.

2. Buy Instagram followers

Buying Instagram followers is one of the best ways which help to increase Instagram followers in a very short interval of time without making any too much effort you can buy Instagram followers by paying some amount of money and this is the most recommended way to increase Instagram followers. Because here you get real or organic Instagram followers automatically without making any effort. Other ways which we tell are also very helpful in increasing Instagram followers. But those are very time taking or take a lot of time so the best way is to buy Instagram followers. But when you go to buy Instagram followers then make sure to choose valuable sites to buy Instagram followers UK.

How to buy Instagram followers the UK?

The big question which majorly asks when we talk about buying Instagram followers is how to buy Instagram followers. The answer to this question is very simple or easy you can easily buy Instagram followers just open your search engine browser or type buy Instagram followers you will get a lot of websites that are selling Instagram followers but those sites are not real or will not provide you real Instagram followers so we recommend you to make some search or choose best sites to buy Instagram followers or if you not get good sites then read our great writing on best sites to buy Instagram followers. In which we briefly describe the best sites to buy Instagram followers UK.

Text description optimization is one of the working ways to attract live followers on Instagram.

After the recent Instagram update, English-speaking users in 6 countries can already search for content by keywords. It’s only a matter of time before the feature becomes available to the Russian-speaking audience, so you need to optimize your posts now.

According to an Instagram spokesperson, the team takes into account some factors, including “content type, description, post time” and more, to deliver relevant results.

3. Create an attractive profile

A well-planned feed that represents your topic is key to converting visitors into subscribers.

When a random user visits your profile, they should immediately understand what the account is about.

To create an aesthetic profile, use the visual post-planning tools to create a grid.

Think about how the posts look in general and what impression they give when someone first visits your profile.

4. Choose hashtags

Instagram hashtags are one of the most effective follower growth tools that should not be neglected.

After analyzing more than 18 posts in the Instagram feed, the researchers found that the reach rate increased from 24% to 35% as the number of hashtags increased from 1 to 30.

Dependence of coverage on the number of hashtags

Looking ahead, for an account with 20K followers, that’s an additional 2.2K accounts covered by each post.

5. Host a giveaway

Giving giveaways can be one of the most effective ways to quickly increase your Instagram following.

With the right strategy, you can reach thousands of new potential subscribers while building a stronger sense of community around your brand.

Make sure you set clear entry requirements, such as tagging a friend in the comments, sharing on Instagram Stories, and following the account.

6. Collaborate with influencers and brands

Collaboration with like-minded people and brands is a win-win option for promoting Instagram. You can benefit from the brand association and attract new potential followers.

You don’t have to work with millionaire bloggers to be successful. Nano and micro bloggers generally have higher engagement rates than macro bloggers while offering lower prices for sponsored posts.

But there is a downside to working with Nano and micro bloggers – you will have to work with a large number of bloggers to reach the audience size you need, so the right strategy will depend on your resources.

7. Create content that can be shared (including memes)

When it comes to organically attract new followers, creating shareable content is a great start.

Inspirational quotes, informative carousel posts, and trendy memes are all proven formats, and it only takes one viral post to reach thousands of people.

Memes, in particular, play a huge role in generating viral reach – especially if they’re related to something that’s trending in popular culture. They are often funny or smart and usually contain a combination of text and an image (photo, GIF, or video).

To create a super-successful meme, try to find a balance between the trendy visuals you’re working with, the mood of your target audience, and the brand’s niche.

The more your meme resonates with members of your community, the more likely they are to spread it.

8. Have a clear value proposition

Would you walk into a store if you had no idea what was on sale there? Probably not, right?

The same principle applies to an Instagram account.

Having a clear value proposition (be it styling tips, inspirational quotes, or lifestyle content) is essential to turning profile visitors into followers.

However, this does not mean that all content has to be the same.

Content creator Cristina Galba to recommends focusing on the 3-5 pillars of content related to your niche so you can add variety to your content plan without diluting the core value.

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