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Tips On How to Select a Good Quality Dummy for Your Newborn

Finding a dummy for your baby is more challenging than picking one from the store and giving it to your baby. First, consider your nipple texture, this is to ensure your baby won’t get confused when switching to the dummy. Besides, Australia’s best dummy for a newborn makes sure your baby’s jaw and teeth are protected. So the question is, “how do you pick the best dummy for your baby?” Well, consider these factors –

1. Consider the material

A baby dummy has a teat, handle, and shield. Out of the three parts, the base shield and teat will be in contact with your baby’s mouth, which makes the material important. 

The best dummy for a newborn in Australia should be made of BPS-free material so your baby is safe from toxins and chemicals. In addition, the best dummies should have natural rubber. Besides keeping chemicals away from your baby’s mouth, natural rubber also breaks down less than plastics, so you can easily recycle it once your baby outgrows it.

2. The teat shape

Babies usually discover the suckling action fully between two to four weeks old. Unfortunately, it takes a bit of trial for them to accept a shape of a dummy. The best thing is to have a couple of shapes for them to try and see which one they take easily. Also, try different textures so your baby can choose what works best. Babies have different tastes, so it’s important to give them options and let them choose.

3. How do you feed your baby

This may not seem important, but it plays a vital role in how babies adapt to using dummies. Bottle-fed babies are likely to adapt to round-shaped dummies as they are more familiar than other shapes. An asymmetric shape will also work when your little one is six months or less. When they are older, an orthodontic shape may work better. Breastfed babies can start using dummies when they are four weeks old. However, start them on the natural dummies, especially the round teat shaped ones, as they are more similar to natural nipples.

4. Our babies age

Babies can start using dummies from four weeks to around 36 months old. How early you want to introduce the dummy is your choice. When picking one, it is essential to check the label for the age recommendation. Usually, size one dummies are best for babies between newborn and six months old. When they are older, you may want to move them to other sizes as long as they aren’t too big for their little mouths. 

An incorrect size won’t soothe your baby and will make them unsettled. Also, bigger dummies sit incorrectly on the tongue or move too far in the baby’s mouth, which is uncomfortable.Picking the best newborn dummy is like picking the best electric toothbrush in Australia. You should pick one that works naturally with your baby’s development instead of harming it.

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